Zega Apparel Reviews

Zega Apparel has always done the right manufacture for me. I ordered a denim jeans line from them, and since that order, Zega Apparel has been a perfect option for my clothing line. I wanted custom embroidered patches with different designs and little dark shades of color. I was first worried as several designers were working on my design, but when I received the product, it was exactly what I wanted. Hats off to them for high-quality manufacturing.

Gerald Courtney

So great, my piece of clothing arrived in a matter of days and the quality was amazing!! Thank you !!

Kelly Simpson

Being in contact with Zega Apparel since the last 2 years feels like they are a part of my own company. I have never faced any delays in their work, no errors and on the top of everything, highly affordable rates since my first order. No matter if I order T-Shirts, hoodies, trousers, denim or anything I need considering my clothing store, they have never let me down. Thanks you their services, I never have to think about creating a warehouse because whenever I need my units, they deliver them right on time.

Simond More

5 days ago, I talked to them for the first time when I found them on Google. 3 days ago we finalized the design, dimensions, fabric and colors of my Company’s T Shirt designs and today I have just received my first sample of 10 shirts. I would really appreciate the quick response by Zega Apparel as well as their coordination. Considering my needs of launching my brand in less than a month, they have literally made it possible for me to make sure that the launch is not delayed. Thank you Zega Apparel for your rapid services!

Holly Robert

Well, I have just made 3 orders so far of 500 T-Shirts each and I must say that there was not even a single error in my requirements. I really appreciate the professionalism and the customer support I have received. The orders I made were delivered timely as committed and as per the quality. Highly recommended for businesses with large orders as well!

Mick Man

I have been actively looking for a good manufacturer for custom hoodies and I found Zega apparel the most trustworthy company. Initially, I ordered a sample of 10 hoodies with my own customization and when I received them, I was surprised at the quality I got. It has been 2 years now and they have never failed me in anything I need. Thumbs Up!

Jordan Gibson

So yesterday I received my custom made t shirts, So I decided to give a short review about them. The quality of the t shirts are good and the customization which I had to make on them are accurate. Really satisfied.

Carmen Johnson

Literally, the best custom clothing manufacturers with which I have worked. In the past, I have been getting my clothes from many different manufacturers but none of them satisfied me. But when I contacted Zega Apparel and told all my problems, then they convince me that how they have satisfied hundreds of customers in the past. They told me to visit their reviews site which is zegaapparelreviews.com. After reading many positive reviews I placed my order with ZegaApparel. Now, after getting my order in my hands I am really satisfied. Thanks to Zega Apparel.

Simons Garcia

I found Zega Apparel from alibaba.com as I am mostly active there. I was searching for a good clothing manufacturer for my clothing brand that can complete all my needs. I visit Zega Apparel and talked with one of their sales representative Mr.Ahmer. After talking with him I got really convinced to place my order with Zega Apparel. They first shipped me a single sample piece and then when I approved that sample, they move towards the bulk production. I am really satisfied with their process. They were a little bit slow with my order but they were perfect.

Jon Holtman

I am really glad that I found ZegaApparel, as the quality and sizing of my clothes are exactly what I requested for. I have worked with many other clothing manufacturers but these guys were really phenomenal in communication as compared to others.

Leigh C. Platz

I was looking for a good custom clothing manufacturer for my t-shirts and sweatshirts to get manufactured. By talking to many of them I decided to work with Zega Apparel as their sales representatives were really professional, they guided me about everything clearly. I was so confused about the fabric but they helped me a lot with it. It took some time but they deliver my order without any issues.

Francine Huerta

I never thought that my apparel could get manufactured at such an affordable price. Zega Apparel has solved all the problems related to my apparel brand. My quantity was of six hundred pieces but other manufacturers were not giving me this much good prices. I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for the best prices.

Matthew Cooper

I am really thankful to the team of ZegaApparel as they have done enough for me and for my clothing brand. I ordered four hundred t-shirts and two-fifty leggings from which leggings were little complicated as I wanted a unique type of leggings and a print on them. My order was not easy but Zega Apparel accepted the challenge to manufacture. It took some time but after thirty-five business days my order was delivered to me and my t-shirts and leggings were manufactured perfectly. Looking forward to working with them again.

Henry Mark

The manufacturers who work in Zega Apparel are really well trained. My clothing order was of hoodies but there were many complications in it as I wanted a unique type of cut and sew and some kind of design on it. I wasn’t sure If I should work with Zega Apparel or not but when I talked to their senior support manager Mr.Waqas, he helped me a lot with the design and showed me that they have already done this type of orders before. So I decided to place my order with them. It took some time but after a month almost they shipped me wonderful hoodies, I really loved them. I highly recommend Zega Apparel.

Joyce Roder

I currently starting a company so I was looking for manufacturers to produce a certain type of product and I had a list of the manufacturer which I wanted to work with, so I contact it a lot of manufacturers and only one is willing to make this specific unique product was Zega Apparel. It was everything in my imagination and more and they made it better material, so I highly recommend for this company. Very kind people, I just wanted thanks Zega Apparel for that they give me the opportunity to work with him and helping me with my first company.


I recently placed my order with Zega Apparel and was just amazed to work with them. Their professionalism must be appreciated. Their team was so good at communication and the quality they gave me was really good. They took some time to deliver but the quality was worth it.

Tim Peterson

Recently I just received 200 hoodies from Zega Apparel, The quality of the product was really good and quite exceptional. It was my first apparel order from any company and got such a good experience working with this company.

Charles Wills

Zega Apparel Manufacturing is a much needed manufacturing facility for small clothing brands, requiring to start their custom clothing line with small capital. As a owner of a brand I am always on the lookout for services that can offer me the consistent quality of work along with a multiple customization and cut and sew options, and I am happy to say that Zega Apparel offered me a striking balance between cost savvy supplier and provider of the high-end custom manufacturer apparel products. Their team is young and enthusiastic to deliver and even if you stumble on them by chance which I did, you will be surprised how quickly they are able to give great customer service. As one professional to another, I wish them all the best for their future endeavors and much heartfelt recommendation for whoever seeks to do business with them and I am not just saying all of the above because they offered me to write a review for a 100 USD discount on my order.

Victoria S. Duke

Finding an online cut and sew manufacturers is always tricky since you never know when it is going to turn out the other way, however, once the order was delivered to me by zega apparel, and when it reached my office door with a quick turnaround time, my doubts ceased to exist. I was quite relieved of their product quality and the fabric selection was one of the best I have observed over an 8-year experience working in the quality inspection department of many branded apparel product lines. I sincerely have little words to describe how pleased I am that such service providers are available that can take your concept and help you materialize exactly the way you imagined it. I have tried other services over the years, but they come closest to the best work I have seen accomplished by a small team of professionals that are committed to the accomplishment of client requirements with a special take on little details.

Lucille A. Harmon

I was utterly fed up and had no energy left in me to deal with another one of the private label clothing manufacturers offering me shitty services from China. Zega Apparel came in when I literarily felt like droping the idea of starting a good quality fitness clothing brand . I ordered a small quantity of 100 Pcs which I belived if not delivered as per my requirement so I would have taken legal action against them if they failed to deliver. While not many of people I have talked with at Zega Apparel do not know about this, I thought I should mention it in my review for their spirit lifting and convenient services that can even cool down the most heated of boiler cooker situations. Once their shipments started coming in, they took me by surprise, and in the end, I had no choice but to cancel all of my other suppliers and offer them my complete order for the summer/winter product line.

Thomas G. Spoon

Good afternoon, My name is Damien Sheppard, Owner & Creative Director of designer brand Manufactured Products(MP). I searched over a period of 2 years trying to find a manufacturer for my brand that could make exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it made, with low minimums and a great price point. I cant even remember how I stumbled upon Zega Apparel, but somehow I contacted a rep and we just built a good relationship over the phone first. What impressed me the most was the quick follow up. I was able to send images of designs and was given a quote within 48hrs, which was vital to me because I have to take detailed info to my investors. It was definitely a grueling process, as it as my first time working with a manufacturer and they were creating my product from scratch strictly thru pictures , written, and verbal communication. Once the sample was done I received pics, and being not 100% satisfied, they went back to production and the 2nd sample was much greater and was exactly what I envisioned. I was also very skeptical about the advance payment, but this is business and I know how the business works. The upfront money is to start & complete your order. I sent the down payment, and once everything was complete, instead of wiring the money, I sent it thru paypal, which gave me some security. I paid a bit more, but Zega ate the charge for me, which I thought was admirable. Once I received my order, I must say I was impressed with the finished product. They were of great quality and fit very good. My embroidered logo was even solid. The joggers I ordered helped me take my brand to the next level and I look forward to doing business with them again soon. I've even referred a few business associates to them for production. They were very communicative throughout the process as I've spoken to and have gotten to know a few people from the Zega operations. I cant speak for everyone, but my experience was good, and I plan to build our business relationship further as my brand continues to grow.

Damien Sheppard

We received the polo shirts and they look very good, your quality is amazing.

Eric Simon

I've received the shirts and they are just awesome. I'm glad to have done business with you and I'll contact you for another job around December. Thank you for everything.

Matt Simard

I received the sweatshirts and the quality is undeniable. You guys did an excellent job. I, as well as my customers are highly impressed! We will definitely be doing more business in the future. Thank you all so much!

Kendal Pitman

Yes I received them . I love them . They came out great. I will definetly be doing business with you guys again very soon . Thanks for everything

Andrew Patton

I received your t-shirts, cap and printed t-shirt for Skyway Cafe. The printing is excellent!.Thanks for doing such a good job for me! I was very impressed with your mock up and artwork forms showing every detail of my t-shirt order including precise dimensions of not only the shirt but every artwork position. It was great to see it and you even sent it earlier than you said you would. This all puts my mind at ease because you have made everything very clear and easy to understand. So far everything has been done very Professionally so I really appreciate all you are doing!

Larry Broyle

Hello, I received the sweatshirts .. They are awesome! I will definitely be ordering more product from you soon , this is just the beginning!

Stephen C. Jappe

I did recieve the t shirts and they're great! thanks for the good work.

Roman Pellergrino