Obtain High-Quality Private Label Clothing Effortlessly

We at Zega Apparel cater to all sorts and types of private label clothing requirements. Our expertise is further backed by our substantial experience in the field of private label manufacturing, where we not only manufacture high-quality blank products but also provide a tremendous range of customization facilities. Our clientele includes private labels from Australia, Canada, UAE, UK, and the USA.

You receive the best quality of custom Cut and Sew Manufacturing services from us. This is where we not only purchase the fabric conferring to your requirements but offer complete manufacturing services leading to the finished product. Hence we have the capacity to not only manage the fabrication of your desired products from scratch but also deliver the end product right onto your doorsteps.

With us, you can develop an entire line of elegant and astounding custom clothing lines for your brands and businesses. As the finest Custom Clothing Manufacturers in the USA, our factory provides you with various additional amenities, including hangtags, heat-pasted labels, satin labels, and woven labels. Supplementary features are also added upon request to make your clothing lines feel even more exclusive.

Our Custom Embroidery services enable you to materialize your design concepts into actual products that can help you create the WOW effect for your targeted audiences and customers. Nothing is left out of imagination, and all of your requirements are jotted down to deliver products exactly according to your requests. Furthermore, our Fashion Designers and trained representatives assist you throughout the process to make informed decisions for better results.

Moreover, our Custom Screen Printing proficiencies empower you to decorate your products according to your liking. From hats, hoodies, t-shirts to pants, leggings, jackets, you name it, we can handle private label manufacturing requests for a broad range of apparel products and goodies. As your vendor, our team of professionals is always there to support you along the way so that you never feel left out and are regularly updated as your order reaches the completion stage. With us, you can just lay back, relax, and watch as the MAGIC happens right before your eyes!


Best Private Label Apparel Manufacturers to Outshine the Competition

At Zega Apparel, we believe that what really set the tone towards long-term success is brand loyalty and greater stability of the market. Hence to beat your rivals, we offer you an immaculate private label luxury clothing facility that can help you to compete against more prominent names in the industry.

With our extensive private label apparel manufacturing faculties, you can grow your apparel business at an incredible pace while minimizing your cost and maximizing return on investment. You can further customize your hangtags and private labels to distinguish yourself from the competition and gain prominence amongst your targeted market.

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Develop a Private Label Clothing Line to Stun Your Audiences

We are the finest private label clothing suppliers USA, period. No matter your perquisites, we are always there to help you find the right solution to your pain points. Elevate your brand image and stay on top of your customer’s minds through our fabulous customization services for your products.

At Zega Apparel, we provide you with high quality private label clothing with hangtags in any shape and size. Plus, we also offer you custom private woven labels along with custom private satin labels as well as heat transfer labels. We never say never!

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White Label Clothing Experts at Your Service

Take the driving wheel for your clothing business and steer it according to your whims. As the supreme masters in the industry for white label clothing manufacturers USA, we can produce any type of clothing you desire. Choose from a broad range of apparel goods and make them your own.

Simply wish your way through and traverse across the sea of brands to reach a place where you can start delivering power statements for your clothing line. Our private label clothing competencies are always there to support your dreams and make them materialize in the real world.

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Our Expertise


Custom Woven Labels

Woven labels are used to display information about your Clothing brand. Branding Information includes a brand name, logo, or size. Custom woven label gives a more elegant touch to the clothing for private label manufacturers.
At Zega Apparel, minimum production is 500 woven labels, we make woven labels and stitch them to your garments without charging any extra cost for stitching. You can attach these labels to your apparel, on your neck, or anywhere you wish to.

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Custom Satin Labels

The satin label is popular among private label clothing because of its softness. It is a perfect choice, particularly for clothes like private label t-shirts worn near the skin. At Zega Apparel, The minimum production quantity is 500.
These labels are available in white, black, cream, and grey color. One or two ink colors are available for printing branding information, logo, or size with each color. Label customization options include choosing the material color, ink color, font size, font style, and label size.

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Custom Hangtags

Hangtag is a perfect marketing tool that grabs potential customers' attention when your garments are hanged in-store surrounded by thousands of other clothes. With us, you can customize your hangtags to market your garments more effectively; all it is done under one roof.
We offer high-quality printing of hangtags in any shape, size with punched holes and string. Minimum production is 500 for Hangtags. We also kept these with us so that you can use them for future orders.

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Heat Transfer Printed Labels

Most Small Clothing brands looking for heat pasted labels. Heat transfer label is also a way to show ownership of your perfectly designed apparel. It is a different way to provide tag-less branding information with comfort.
Heat transfer labels are usually pasted inside of a garment neck. At Zega Apparel, Minimum production is 1000 for heat transfer label stickers. We kept these with us for future orders.

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