Order Status Reporting

Order Status Reporting

Reporting the 10 phases of your order

What happens to your order once the order summary is approved

Preproduction Planning Phase

Order is planned and communicated to all the team members in writing and explained to them by the apparel consultant. In this phase we schedule the production and create a flowchart for its execution.

Procurement Phase

All the raw material is purchased to create the best possible custom made clothing line.

Digitizing Phase

All the raw material is purchased to create the best possible custom made clothing line.

Pattern/Panel Cutting Phase

Patterns are made according to your prescribed measurements and cutting them in shape, all this happens during this phase.

Printing/Dyeing Phase

Printing of your complete apparel clothing line is done during this phase.

Quality Checking Phase

Although we have an onsite and offsite quality check process, you can read about them here , this basically refers the offsite quality assurance part , All the items are checked to ensure that quality is being delivered to you at the end, and if some items are still faulty they are taken out and replaced with the extra ones we made during the process. We usually make 5 to 10% extra of what your desired quantity is. - See more at: http://zegaapparel.com/order-status-reporting.php#sthash.6ps8INPf.dpuf

Sewing Phase/tagging phase

We print them first and then sew the garment together to ensure quality of printing. All the stitching and tagging is done in this phase.

Packing Phase

The garment is ironed carefully and each of them is packed separately in the customer selected polythene bag.

Shipment Phase

Ordered is handed over to a shipping company, it can be DHL, Fedex , Skynet or any other shipment company that provide Online tracking. Please read our shipment policy for more detail.


When the ordered is delivered to you, an automated space is left vacant for you to give us feedback, so we can improve further and can give you a better experience of doing business with us.