About Zega Apparel


When it comes to customized apparel manufacturing and catering to complex customer designs, there is no better manufacturer than Zega Apparel. Our brand is determined to provide the best custom manufactured clothing to all its customers worldwide.

Zega Apparel is one of its kind clothing manufacturer which gives endless customization alternatives to Clothing Companies all around the globe. We provide customization on almost every kind of fabric, design, and pattern.

From custom shirts, custom-made sweatshirts, texture handling to confound sublimation printing to custom shorts, we have pretty much every sort of customization alternative that a clothing brand needs to end up being one of a kind and trendy, you name it, and we have it.

Besides structuring, our administration scope covers nearly all you may need to create your accumulation.

Serving Industry for More Than a Decade

With a client base of about 3000+ customers, Zega Apparel has produced quality clothing for over a decade in its manufacturing facility in Karachi, Pakistan. At the same time, our brand name and business are registered in Sheridan, Wyoming US.

Zega Apparel ships to customers worldwide and provides a printing facility on blank shirts to customers in the USA for promotional campaigns and work.

How Have We Started?

The company started with the trade name Zega Apparel, and it began as a flagship project in a small room with a team of 4 people. The main idea was to help international clients by providing them with the best choice for overseas business.

We aim to be firm in support of international clothing brands and to help them with the production of their clothing lines by all means.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a trusted and reliable source for international clothing brands by providing them with on-demand customization for their clothing line. And so far, we have achieved our mission. In recent years we have been our customers' favorite go-to choice.

We also aim to increase the demand for local products in the international market. We genuinely believe in our products' potential and the services delivered to global clients.

Our Values

  • We remain thankful to God for bestowing his ever-growing blessing upon us.
  • We believe in constant improvement of self by learning and implementing.
  • We stay active and motivated towards our goal of providing what we promised.
  • We do what we say.
  • We value our associates' integrity and dedication.
  • Our Vision

    Being the best, Zega apparel’s vision is to provide the most outstanding quality artistry with our garment care policy.

    We aim to make this possible under completely sweatshop-free manufacturing conditions to ensure our employees and customers remain happy. Our top priority is a content organization and customer base.

    Our Process

    Our process starts with believing that Smart dressing gives you a chance to emerge and establish an enduring first connection.

    This center conviction directs how we run our organization, work with our collaborators, and connect with our customers.

    Since everybody has the right to fit right in, Zega Apparel uses exemplary approaches and processes to provide you with the best customization options for your attire.