Get Started With Zega Apparel


Our ordering system and processes are simple, and we believe human interaction is essential for developing long-term business relationships, especially in customized apparel manufacturing. Hence, we have the best customer representatives available to answer and respond to your queries accordingly.

  • Order Placement

    All you need to do is e-mail us your designs at, along with all the major and minor details you feel are essential. Please also specify your ordering quantity for accurate quotes.

  • Order Summary Creation / Sampling

    Or you can simply send us your mockups if you have them created along with your ordering quantity. Our experienced customer support representatives will get back to you within 24 hours with the pricing details.

  • Online Manufacturing Tracking

    When you receive the pricing details and confirm your order, our representatives will keep you updated with your order through a skype call. You can track your order anytime you want by having a call with our customer support.

  • Pictures/ Videos of Samples and Manufacturing

    You can check our pictures and videos of samples and manufacturing on our website and on our YouTube channel. Moreover, we will provide you with pictures and videos of your products that are in process to keep you updated.


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