Why Zega Apparel?

We at zega have almost everything you need, from custom dyeing, sourcing embroidery patches, and washing to fabric sourcing, packaging and delivering under just one roof. We provide endless options and comfortability to our customer. We try to produce everything you have in your mind even if it’s a rough sketch we ensure you that our professional designers will make it for you. We love serving our customers and doing what others say is impossible.


An Ethical Clothing Factory

Sustainable Apparel Manufacturing Made Easy.

We’re an apparel manufacturer partner providing sustainable and organic one stop shop solutions for all things apparel production.


Quality Apparel Manufacturer

Clothing Production shouldn’t be hard.

We’re an apparel manufacturer partner providing sustainable and organic one stop shop solutions for all things apparel production.


An Ethical Clothing Factory

Sustainable Apparel Manufacturing Made Easy.

We’re an apparel manufacturer partner providing sustainable and organic one stop shop solutions for all things apparel production.


Our values:

  • At zega it’s our highest concern to ensure the safety of our worker we provide our labours three times more wages than the local labour wages.
  • Providing job safety and health safety to our labours also includes our values.
  • At zega each product has to go through three quality tests before the shipment process to ensure that we are providing the best quality to our customers.
  • We provide the copy rights security to your design.
  • We provide the fastest shipment of three to four days to our customers.
  • We place skype face to face meetings with our manufacturers to ensure if we are serving them properly.

Most minimal -minimum order quantity manufacturing and global approach:

Being of the main great custom clothing manufacturers for countries like Canada, United States of America and United Kingdom zega apparel gives the least ordering quantity which is fifty pieces per design. Over the most recent seven years we have given custom clothing, Printing and Embroidery administrations and private sewing labels to eight thousand four hundred and sixty seven apparel brands which also includes various t-shirt manufacturers the vast majority of them began their first request with us and have developed into getting to be extraordinary attire makers’ marks inside their nation.

Our manufacturing capability:

Zega Apparel's industrial facility unit gladly makes custom made hoodies (plain or with zipper), Cut and Sew Jeans, custom made sweat shirts, Cut and Sew Special Leggings, leather jackets, socks and significantly more. Zega apparel offers you the best of the line administration which is identified by cut and sew manufacturers. Our company assures you an hundred percent customization of your attire. Under the administration of our skilled and excellent production team zega apparel provides you custom designs and patterns, to perform evaluation and further make changes according to your pieces of clothing by fabricating according to you requirements.

Simple and Friendly Work Flow for Creative People:

Our company’s production line can give 'Vanguard' administrations for Custom Clothing, Clothing Brands and Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers in United State of America by utilizing just draws or sorted out Tec Packs. Zega apparel additionally plans and make Logo Apparel for organizations globally. Our quality is the thing that characterizes us and our work. We function admirably with both perceived brands and start-up attire planners.

Laser cutting:

Or company as of late declared the arrangement of Customized Laser cutting for the enhancement of Custom Leggings, shirt cutting, and custom made Hoodies, or some other clothing plan which needs customization. For example we provide laser cuttings of different sizes to different jeans manufacturers.

Custom Casual Dyeing Option:

Zega apparel likewise provides furnish Clothing Manufacturers with an alternative to benefit custom dip-dye apparel, custom acid wash clothing and custom tie-dye clothing.

Providing custom hangtags and labels:

Zega apparel let the clothing manufacturers do what they want so we provide custom patterns and designs and custom names or tags according to their need. Zega apparel offers a low minimum order quantity for iron carved labels, heat pasted labels, satin and cotton woven labels according to your need, custom fabric labels around the globe to our clients.

Redoing your apparel:

Zega apparel being one of the largest customized clothing manufacturing company in United States of America expects to end up a one-stop answer for all organizations by giving Custom Apparel Manufacturing as well as offering clients with different choices of printing and weaving. Our company offers upwards of twelve screen printing capacities that are available for you, more than that zega apparel also offers you furnishing with a three dimensional embroidery for a low least of just fifty pieces.

We produce and knit custom fabrics:

With a low minimum order quantity of two hundred pieces zega apparel offers its customers to have custom knitted fabric. Moreover we can also source custom fabric asper our customer’s requirement.

Other than the above mentioned facilities our company also provides the services of customized beaded and sequin work, embroidery work by hand or by computer, custom fabric printing which includes heat transfer printing, foil printing, digital screen printing and many more. Our company almost covers everything thing you need we also provide the services of custom lace works on your fabric, washing effects on your jeans or denim outfits, smocking provided by hand or by computer, as per standard of PATONE fabric dyeing, grading and design making, customized packing and finishing, customized cutting and sewing, label or tags development, production of the desired fabric which may be woven or knitted or trimmed and attachment of zippers and buttons and sampling.

Zega apparel step for those who initiates to start an apparel brand:

As clothing manufacturer’s zega apparel has helped more than two thousand obscure clothing brands in United States and other countries we see many brands producing quality products but remain unpopular due to their lack of strategies in marketing and selling the product. Starting an online clothing store might seem easy but it takes a lot of hard work, determination and marketing tricks to run an effective and successful online clothing business. We have penned down some very important tricks and strategies for you to follow if you want to start an online clothing store:

  • Choosing a focused audience and theme of your apparel brand.
  • If you’re certain to launch a clothing brand then first of all choose a theme or subject for it, select how you want your pattern or design to look or to feel. Target a specific audience or a specific gender. For instance if you are thinking to start a clothing brand for athletes and sports then think of some design which would suit them the best like sports leggings and sports hoodies or any design or logo related to sports.
  • Other few topics or themes would be
    • Nature which targets to the people who like grass, trees or nature’s beauty.
    • Cars or automobiles which specifically targets to people who have their interests in bikes, cars etc.
    • Aeronautics topic which Targets People who love Flying and like planes
  • In order to distinguish your brand from other brands try to set a theme.
  • In order to create your own brand identity get yourself a professionally designed logo.
  • After selecting to your theme do not rush to start your clothing line get a professional logo which states your theme perfectly.
  • A professionally designed logo plays a vital role in order to represent your identity in the market.
  • An expert help in this issue is fundamental because a well-designed logo will attract your targeted audience which will later help the brand or company to grow.
  • In order to provide a best professional help to our customers to create a logo zega logos have launched their logo designed packages by following the latest trends by fashionistas.
  • Choosing a budget for investment and allocation for your clothing brand:
  • In order to run a brand, an investment is important but having an exact figure of amount is much more important which can vary, it can be either very high or very low. This exact figure will give you an idea that how much you’re spending on your brand. You might get yourself an investor in this progression however that would be somebody you know have cash and furthermore have confidence in your capacities, or you can likewise get a financial specialist on the off chance that you have a fruitful past reputation of business.
  • So essentially it's not the measure of the amount you are investing it’s the keen utilization of spending that issues most.
  • For proper spending and investing you need to make a proportion for spending, do not spend all of your amount in manufacturing because that will not help you to grow but also spend some amount of marketing and advertisement.
  • Based on a survey from hundred successful clothing brands we have made an ideal spending ratio plan for your clothing business Spend 5% on administration 60% on manufacturing, sampling and designing And 35% on marketing.
  • Getting a cost idea for manufacturing and designing your clothing line:
  • The tricky part comes here as you don’t not have a hefty amount to stat up with you will be needing designs and patterns which public and your targeted audience likes the most which will be easily to sell and get advantage. Zega Apparel have proficient Fashion Designers employed for dress brands to give them one of a kind thoughts, dependent on their prerequisites and make an extraordinary chic attire line.
  • Choosing a marketing or advertisement plan:
  • We would state having an advertising Plan is practically sixty percent Success in all organizations, and it is eighty percent accomplishment In Clothing Business.
  • By amending the 4 P’s or marketing we can get a good plan Situation > PRODUCT > PROMOTION > PRICE Majority people start by promoting first in order to sell their items After deciding the placement and the targeted audience your brand is only left with how will you be able to sell your clothing line?
    • By reaching the retailer to put your item on display
    • By posting on social media and blogging
    • Shared marketing and posting on different search engines.

If still you have queries to how to sell your product, zega apparel provides you a chance to set up an appointment with our marketing professionals from zega logos.


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  • Laborers
  • Fair wage and treatment(3x more wages than local labor rates)
  • Worker safety is highest concern
  • Career and job security
  • Follows Labor Laws Religiously
  • Paid very little; sometimes treated inhumanely
  • Worker safety is often jeopardized
  • Potential for child laborers working on your garments


  • Ethical Manufacturing laws and protections enforced
  • Sweatshop free manufacturing
  • Little oversight dumping and pollution is a possibility
  • Often older, less efficient technology


  • Quality control processes is proficiently followed
  • Each product goes through quality checking at least 3 times before shipment.
  • Perceived lower quality by the consumer
  • Your garments could be involved with the next factory collapse or fire


  • Skype Face to Face meetings and communication with your manufacturer
  • Same language - less possibility for misunderstanding
  • Toll Free Number for USA and absolutely free through Skype from any country.
  • Phone or e-mailor spend thousands in travel costs
  • Language and cultural barrier more possibility for misunderstanding
  • No verification your "manufacturer" may be outsourcing!

Intellectual Property

  • Strong copyright and intellectual property rights protections
  • Legal recourse if your idea or design is stolen long history of copyright and IP protections
  • Potentially weak copyright and intellectual property rights protections
  • Little recourse if your idea or design is stolen or copied.


  • Generally smaller minimums between 30 to 50 pieces per design
  • May have huge (1,000+ piece) minimums


  • Fast turnaround: if a product sells much faster than expected, quick restock possible. 4 days from the time of shipment guaranteed through DHL or FedEx
  • Fast restock not possible: minimum three weeks just for shipping

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