Our Process

Our Process

What happen's to your order when you place your order!

Although we will try our best to ensure the outcome of your customized clothing line exactly as you want, but we require your cooperation in finalizing the summarized details of what your entire project is all about.

Writting down the instruction and Accumulating Data (Order Summary)

We put everything down as a summary of whatever we have understood from your submitted instructions and artwork. Usually takes one or two business days, it can take more if data is not given properly or have not been clear enough for us to understand.

Sampling Process

It is up to the clients if they want to see a sample in between their order or ask us to move forward directly with bulk production. It is recommended that if its your first order, you always start up with the sampling process in which after you approve the summary, we first create a single sample piece from you and send it out or show you high resolution images depending upon your need. Once you approve the sample, we then move forward with the bulk production.

Please note that we would require your assistance throughout the sampling process as we will keep you in loop on the current status and take approvals in between on things such as print designs, label designs, cut and sew style etc.

Going through it with you on call or e-mail (Order Summary Approval)

Second we show you the summary of your customized clothing line and go through that with you over the phone or ask you to approve it on e-mail; the most preferable in this case is that you should be on a computer while talking with our apparel consultant. The requested changes are further discussed and changed on the order summary.Once you approve the summary, the turnaround time begins and we move forward with the sampling process.

Bulk Production

This is the process where you sit back and relax after doing all the hardwork with the sampling process, once you have given us the go ahead for bulk manufacturing keeping your approved sample as a model to follow, we move forward with it and get things produced for you as soon as possible depending upon your ordering quantity and the time quoted to you.