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Welcome to Zega Apparel, a home of custom tank tops manufacturing. We are an expert tank top manufacturing company working for more than 25 years in the fashion industry. As a Custom tank top manufacturer, we genuinely understand your needs for brand personalization and offer versatile printing and manufacturing options. Whether customized tank tops, tank top shirts, sleeveless t-shirts, printed tank tops, or unisex tank tops, we can manufacture it all for you.

As your custom tank tops manufacturer, we can print any custom tank top designs and make it signature Apparel for your clothing line.


1. The Best Custom Tank Tops Manufacturing Unit In The USA

Tank tops are the best thing about summer, and when it's customized tank tops with your brand look, there is nothing better. Setting the standard as a custom tank top manufacturer, we print and manufacture unmatched stylish designs of your printed tank tops.

With personalized tank tops, you can attract a wide range of audiences, including sportswear, gym wear, or casual wear. Our custom tank tops are not just another layer. Instead, it's a separate apparel that stands out because of its top-notch manufacturing quality and design.

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2. Your Ideal Custom Tank Top Manufacturer: Get Personalized Tank Tops

Zega Apparel is a professional custom clothing manufacturers factory that covers the production of every niche under one roof. We specialize in working with T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, jeans, jumpsuits, cheap tank tops, and many more.

Our services include fabric sourcing, custom tank top designing, pattern making, sample making, and bulk development for your custom brand needs. For years, we have been helping startups and brands by manufacturing unique design-specific Apparel for them.

Our primary objective is to help clothing and apparel businesses. We create custom unisex tank tops, sleeveless t-shirts, and printed tank tops for women and men with all of your customizations tailored in them. Whether your target audience is gym-going men and sportspersons, our offerings are extended to specialized Apparel like men's tank tops with pockets.


3. Experience Perfection At Every Custom Tank Top Design We Create!

Every stitch we make is proof of our perfect crafting skills, and we blend colors and fabric to manufacture fully functional tank tops that serve different purposes, such as casual, sports, and gym clothing. We aim to help brands and businesses with cost-effective custom tank tops manufacturing. We also offer the lowest MOQ of 10 pieces per design.

Here at Zega Apparel, we understand the brand vision, perspective, and importance of working with high-quality fabric for your clothing line. To fulfill the end-to-end custom needs for your tank top brand, we can print any unique design based on your specific requirements and sizing scales. We import the fabrics from other countries, which makes it low cost for us and you as our customers.

The custom tank top that we manufacture can be used for different occasions such as morning walks, gym sessions, casual wear, party events, and even more. We believe colors add energy to the fabric, so we ensure to clean and fill new high-quality colors for the best output of your clothing line.


4. We Are Happy to Pride You with On Demand Design Assistance Services

Being a competitive tan top maker, we have a team of professional custom representatives who know every step of production and design. Having a good know-how of how a clothing manufacturing company works, we can provide you with the best details about designs and development plans for your clothing line.

Our professional fashion designers and graphics team work closely with our customers to give them the finest design assistance for their brand clothing line. Whether it's embroidery, screen printing, cut and sew, or DTG printing, we can do it all under one roof at Zega Apparel.

Being your tank top manufacturer, you can design the tank top from scratch or even pick any styles from our premade styles, customize them, and order your clothing line to be made. We have tons of private-label designs of customized tank tops for women that are ready to be labeled under your brand name. Browse our collection to discover every stitch from our collection.


5. We offer an Easy Ordering Process with a Quick Turn Around Time.

Having an easy ordering process, we connect with your brand easily. You must fill out a form, and we'll call you to discuss your diverse project ideas. You can easily discuss your ideas, tech packs, sketches, or anything that helps you understand your ideas.

Our brain visualizing power is good, so we can understand your designs well enough through a discussion. Keeping you well updated at each step of the manufacturing process, we provide you with the flexibility of the lowest minimum in the market, as low as 10, so you can easily manage your budget.

We have a quick turnaround time of 03 weeks under which we run multiple productions for your brand, including sample development, bulk production, pattern making, testing, and packaging for your clothing line.

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6.We offer Competitive Pricing & Bulk Discounts as well.

Because of our long supply chain, we source the fabrics directly from different countries, which doesn't involve any third man in between. This helps us reduce the manufacturing cost, which is how we offer lower-cost manufacturing and production to your brand and business.

Also, we always appreciate bulk orders. We offer discounts on bulk tank top orders of 500, 1000, and more. For bulk tank tops manufacturing, we are happy to reduce the manufacturing cost of every piece, making it very convenient for you to shop with us.

24/7 Responsive Customer Service at your service

Our team of Customer services is available 24/7 at your services to call and discuss anything you'd like to discuss regarding your project. Whether it's a delivery query, you want a change in your clothing line or anything. We are happy to serve you.

Our team has well-aligned updates of projects that they deliver to you at every stage of manufacturing, so you don't have to bother.

Custom Made Zega Apparel Basic Red Color Tank Top
Custom Made Zega Apparel Basic Tank Top
Custom Made Zega Apparel Multi Fabric Cut and Sew Tank Top