Unleash The New Level of Creativity with Our All Over Screen Printing T-Shirts

We at Zega provide screen printing of all types, from silk screen printing, sublimation printing, flock screen printing, high-density three-dimensional printing, and discharge screen printing to puff screen and glow-in-the-dark printing. We have it all because we want our customers to get everything they want under the same roof at the best quality and low rates.

As expert garment manufacturers, we provide versatile techniques to print their stock. Being our client, experience the power of self-expression as we allow you to personalize your clothing line through all-over screen printing. We aim to turn your ideas into real-life products.


Crafting Style with precision: Top rated Screen printing for T-shirts

Get the best custom screen printing services for T-shirts, jackets, hoodies, leggings, or more. Crafting every article with extreme care, love, keenness, and dedication, we aim to do fine screen printing over your apparel with your on-demand specifications.

Be it screen-printed T-shirts for businesses, events, uniforms, fashion brands, or campaigns, and we are pretty handy with all types and even complex designs. We master the art of working with Screen printing over T-shirts, so we can place it nicely on fabrics no matter how decent or complex your strategies are.


Upraise The Standards of Custom Screenprint shirts with Us as your Manufacturing Partner

At Zega Apparel, we offer the best all-over custom regular screen-printing solutions that aren’t just printed. The designs and prints we create are the individuality of your brand, which sets your brand apart from others. With even the simplest design, you showcase or deliver your brand message most engagingly.

With a team of fashion and industry professionals with a wide screen printing knowledge. We work on a cost-cutting approach charging you that enables you to save much with us. In our production facility, each T-shirt we produce speaks for its quality, designs, and details.


We Create a fashion statement through the art of Screen-Printing t-shirts.

Making things easier than ever, we have friendly packages and the Lowest MOQ offerings for screen printing on T-shirts, hoodies, jeans, jackets, sweaters, and more. We are well-versed with versatile printing methods such as silk screen printing, flock screen printing, high-density 3D printing, discharge screen printing, puff screen printing, glow-in-dark printing, and more.

Our QA dept ensures that your custom design gets placed over the fabrics right as you want them. We ensure the use of the finest inks, machines, threads, materials, and tools to ensure the best quality of work in every apparel. We provide every t-shirt that is smooth, comfortable, and durable with print on it.


Work With Professionals to Uplift Your Brand

At Zega Apparel, we work with a simple but advanced approach to design, test, and manufacture your screen-printing designs based on your bespoke needs for screen printing. We aim to turn your visions into real-life products and present them in the best way to your customers through our personalized packaging for your brand.

While working with us, you are getting the perks of state-of-the-art printing technologies, 24/7 customer support, on-time updates about your projects, the lowest minimums of 10, and long-term brand assistance from our professionals.

Experience the best of screen-printing solutions for T-shirts with captive designs that engage your target audience in one look. Feel free to discuss your project with us, fill out a form, and get a call from us.