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Custom Made Zega Apparel 1/2 Cut and Sew T shirt


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Custom Made Cut and Sew Custom Made 1/2 Cut and Sew T shirt Made on the specification of the customer with any kind of Printing or Embroidery Option.


Our custom-made Zega Apparel cut and sew T-shirt is a perfect all-rounder for all your casual, formal or workout needs. These T-shirts are made explicitly with high-quality fabric that is durable and comfortable for all times.

We ensure that we manufacture high-quality clothing line features like advanced moisture-wicking technology that lets the air pass through the fabric and quickly dry the sweat without leaving any marks of sweat. So with it, if you are doing exercise or running wearing these T-shirts, you don't have to worry about sweating.

The sweating is eliminated from the shirt when you are exercising, so it can be your good gym partner. Apart from that, you can also wear these T-shirts under a shirt or a coat for a decent look and you top it off with jeans and pants.

No Limits on Customizations

What is better than having a T-shirt with no limit on customization? Yes, that's right, with us being your designer and clothing manufacturer, you can reach any level of customization you want on your brand.

Open your door to a great market where customers are crazy about customized T-shirts. It's never been so hard for us to have a great custom design over your clothing line and durable fabric that stands for years.

Our customers can choose from a wide array of customizations, printing and get any of the fabric materials or print that they want over their T-shirts.

Here are some of the best printing methods currently trending in the market. You can choose from any of these.

  • Silk Screen Printing

  • Flock Screen Printing

  • Water Based/Pigment Screen Printing

  • Discharge Screen Printing

  • High Density (3D) Printing

  • Crack Screen Printing

  • Puff Screen Printing

  • Glow in the dark Printing

  • Dye Sublimation Process

  • Sticker Heat Transfer Printing

  • Apart from Printing, you can have your own custom embroidery over your selection of clothing lines. You can choose from any of these:

  • Embroidery

  • Embroidery Patches

  • Simple Embroidery

  • Raised Or 3D Embroidery

  • Moreover, you can also have any type of Dyeing or sublimation printing over your clothing. Here are some of the popular Dyeing sublimation printing you can choose from.

  • Dyeing

  • Direct Color Dye

  • Reactive Color Dye

  • Tie Dye

  • Dip Dye

  • Neon Dyeing

  • Sulphate Dyeing

  • Yarn dyeing

  • So with us, you are open to any type of customization you want over your clothing, whether it's about printing, fabric material, sublimation, or sizing of clothing lines. You are getting it all under your call.