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Bring More Sales with Best of Marketing Strategies for Your Brand

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No matter if you are starting from scratch or even if you are an established clothing brand, you need a strong clothing business marketing strategy to stay ahead of your competition. The fashion industry is pretty much a day-to-day industry that involves changes every week. Every week, there is something new in the fashion industry to consider.

In this widespread industry, it’s a new challenge for fashion marketers to be in and stay competitive. A solid and intelligent marketing strategy is not only helpful in selling your clothing line to customers but also keeps you above the water with your competition in the fashion world.

The Shift to Online Shopping & Rise of Marketing Strategies Demand

After COVID-19, or we can say from the past decade, there has been a significant change in consumer buying behavior. Rather than visiting stores, customers prefer it more to order the same things online. This has started an online war between fashion brands, and all you need to win the battle is a strong sales strategy for the clothing business.

When starting a new clothing line, many clothing brands skip that part of creating clothing marketing plans for business, not realizing that it is the clothing line business plan and clothing brand marketing strategy of your clothing business that takes you & your brand into the world of the fashion industry.

What is the primary reason why clothing brand fails?

Tons of startup brands collapse and fall in the middle of their journey. This is just because of a lack of marketing strategies for a clothing brand, and they don’t know the techniques of how to promote a clothing brand in the right direction. Most brands don’t realize the importance of a good marketing strategy.

A good clothing brand marketing strategy is a plan that takes care of everything about your business. It aims to help your clothing business to grow. To stand out from your competition, here is a complete proof of marketing plan that you can adopt and become a famous fashion brand around.

Killer Clothing Brand Marketing Strategies & Ideas to Get a Head of Your Competition

To help you improve your market experience, here are several things you can do. To help you with some clothing brand marketing strategies, we have compiled some killer strategies that are perfectly safe and worthy for marketing your product and can quickly boost your sales.

So, let’s dive in.

  • Engaging & Affable Product Photos

This is one of the underrated points that most clothing manufacturers don’t focus on. Being a part of the e-commerce industry, you should know the importance of product photography. Photography makes your product desirable, whether you are selling your fashion line or grocery products.

It is photography that can bring the attention of new customers. A common practice that fashion retailers use is having fashion models in their clothing line shoots. This creates an expression that the products they are selling are in action.

You can add a picture of the model from different angles to cover all the aspects of your products. You never know which perspective of your product might convince your consumers, so by giving different views of your clothes provides a better explanation of your clothes and guide your customer to make well-informed decisions.

Tip: You can make your photos more desirable and eye-catching by creating social proof of your clothes, as shown in the example below:

Engaging & Affable Product
  •  Invest In Your Website or Mobile App

The demands of online shopping are proportionally increasing as per the use of mobile phones. Customers find shopping online more convenient and easier than vesting your physical brand store. In this situation, it would be best for your clothing brand if you enable your customers to connect directly with your brand through your mobile app.

A website, website, or mobile app that is faster, more accurate, appearing, and personalized per shopping taste. Customer loves it when they open an app and immediately find a product that’s been over their mind. Having an engaging app with creative UI/UX is easy cash for brands.

  • Offer Free shipping

You can offer free shipping if you want to win your customers’ hearts and make them happy with your service. A free shipping tag is one of the best marketing strategies for your brand, and you can opt to engage your audience. With a free shipping tag, consumers are more tend to shop from you.

Customers who are satisfied with your clothing are more likely to increase their average order value by shopping more with you.

Not only that, but you can also use the free shipping deal as a limited-time offer. Moreover, this will also help you reduce cart abandonment.

Offering free shipping is a clever way to collect the customer’s email –address. If your customer is visiting your website for the first time, you can present them with the website pop-up with a tagline, “Get free shipping on your first order.”

Throwing a log-in or signup page is an old way that everyone wants to escape. Despite that, you can offer a robust strategy and get their attention by offering them free shipping.

  • Create A Sense of Bit Scarcity

It’s one of the widely used marketing methods that clothing brand manufacturers use. What triggers the customer is the fear of missing out. This fear is an advantage that can be an edge to use against the customers.

Understanding the scarcity law is simple: when anything has a high risk of becoming unavailable, the demand for that product automatically increases and seems attractive to the customers. The customer needs to make quick decisions and grab the product in this way.

There is a difference between asking your customers to buy now and making them realize that there is an actual risk of the product becoming unavailable.

Consumers hate to lose their choices, which keeps them in fear of missing out on their favorite apparel. A typical clothing brand marketing strategy that most apparel brands use is creating a situation of scarcity to increase their sales.

Tip: You can add a “Fast Selling” label on your products. This shows that the product is fast selling and in demand, creating a high risk of selling out. The label will develop a sense of urgency in the customer’s mind that generates a sale.

You can use a different number of labels, such as “#hot, Fast Selling, in demand, trending,” to create a sense of urgency. You can also use emojis to tell the story and the heat of the situation.

For Example:

Create A Sense of Bit Scarcity
  • Don’t forget your Sold-Out Product’s Pages

Customers don’t like to visit a website and find their favorite product sold out. Even in your sold-out product pages, you can turn the customer’s frustration to your advantage instead of keeping them waiting and waiting for your product.

You can optimize your sold-out product pages by using one of the most effective ways, which is by offering them a quick alert about the availability of this product. Customers who land on your product pages are interested in buying that product. Here, the unavailability of the product becomes more frustrating to the customer.

Here, you can use two options by which you can turn in your customer:

– You can offer them similar products by offering them a link to a similar product page.

– Or you can ask for the email address so you can mail them to their address when that particular product is available.

For Example:

Optimize the Sold-Out Product's Pages
  • Email when available

As mentioned above, email when available approach is another popular apparel marketing strategy that brands are using to keep their customers waiting. Add an “Email when available” to the product that has been stocked out.

On clicking an “email when available” button, the customer, can be presented with a pop-up with entering your email address field as shown in the image.

email form

In this way, you can collect the customer’s email and promote other campaigns and other products by sending emails. Also, ensure to add a catchy subject line to your email as, based on research, around 33% of email recipients are open based on the subject line.

Moreover, around 44% of the email recipients make one purchase from the promotional emails.

  • Sizing Guides

The common problem customers face with online clothing shopping is not being able to try on clothes physically. This makes it less convincing for the customers to shop for clothes. But to help them out, you can offer them the sizing guides on your online clothing store.

This sizing guide is an effective strategy that helps the customer make well-informed decisions. There are a number of brands using the same strategy, but it seems that the customer’s guide opens in a new tab, which causes trouble in the customer’s journey.

You can create a pop-up menu that presents all the sizing guides despite directing your customer toward another page. You can also add pictures of products explaining the different sizes and features.

There is an example of how it should look.

size chart
  • Engage Customer With Referrals

Ensuring your customer loyalty is an essential part of your business sales funnel, but with a strong clothing brand marketing strategy, you can attract more audiences through your customers. You can do so through the referral marketing strategy.

According to the study, around 92% of people automatically trust the brand and the product recommendations from the people they know. Many brands take innovative approaches to reaching new customers while maintaining existing ones.

Engage Customer With Referrals

Here, your customer can put information on those referring and those receiving discounts. You can also create another pop-up that asks for the next person’s information (getting the discount).

  • Making your Instagram Presence Strong

Nowadays, Instagram is like a golden ticket to instantly reach your audience and offer them your catalog. Any brand that doesn’t have a social media presence is incomplete without Instagram and other free marketing tools. When it comes to marketing, tools like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Pinterest are the best free engines that you can use for your clothing brand.

Instagram has become one of the best spots for fashion brands, and it won’t be unjust to say that it is a far more critical platform for fashion clothing brands than designers, editors, etc. What you portray through your brand is the impression you want your customers to see.

 A strong Instagram marketing strategy that takes your clothing brand from ground to sky in no time. There are a couple of tips that you need to take care of.

  • A proper strategy is to post pictures, reels, and videos in the most presentable way to look appealing and present a good wall structure to your brand feed.
  • Engage your users and allow them to interact with your brand by creating engaging posts like creative photos, contests, etc.
  • Make sure you tag the products in your photos so that users directly interact with your brand and buy them immediately.
  • Ensure your pictures are high resolution, attractive, and appealing, significantly improving your click-through rates.
  • Remind your consumers about shopping carts.

If you are a shopping person, you must have abandoned your cart once. Research shows that around 70% of consumers abandon their carts when shopping online. And once you forget, it’s tough to catch up again.

So, you can reach back to your customers and remind them about the things and products still waiting in their cart. You can use a push notification, web notification, or email to reach your customers. This is one of the best marketing strategies significant brands use to win sales.

    • Combine Different Apparel Options

    The campaign and landing pages are the primary components of your e-commerce website. The more you optimize and engage your landing and product pages, the more customers will likely buy from you. You can use several selling techniques, like adding product labels and helping improve the average order basket size.

    Moreover, you can offer your customers different looks, the same product in different color and styling variants. You can give them customizing options where your consumers can choose from different clothes and make their outfits. It’s a new way to recommend and cross-sell multiple products at once.

    apparel options

    In this way, you can showcase different outfit styles and options to your customers, creating a perfect outfit for them. In this way, you can quickly increase your average order size.

    • Connect With the Social Media Influencers

    Social media influencers are the best way to convey your message because they have a huge fan following. You can collaborate with them and focus on your target audience effectively. Social media influencers are trusted sources of their fans because they are more connected with the audience.

    Influencers use social media platforms, so they are the best and fattest to get an audience. You can ask the influencers to recommend and review your product and allow your product’s advertising. In this way, your development reaches its audience, raising your brand awareness among the customers.

    If you collaborate with the right influencer, your customers will find you through them, resulting in a whole new customer base.

    • Don’t Hesitate to Use Video

    Fashion videos are trending, and whether it’s a fashion collage shoot of a model or the unboxing of makeup kits, the video is considered the best go-to option for consumers. Brands who use video shorts for their brand and product marketing tend to grow 49% of revenue faster than those who don’t.

    Being in the fashion world, your brand needs to be on the fast track, so whether you are selling a hoodie clothing line or a T-shirt clothing line, try to showcase your offering using a video or shorts. This way, your customers can have a quick look over your offerings without making much effort.

    Tips to Make Your Marketing Campaign More Effective

    To help you, here is a quick list of tips that can feature your marketing campaigns.

    • Try high-quality aesthetic images (A lot of people are attracted to aesthetic clothes).
    • Try new advertisement formats such as videos, infographics, canvas, single images, and carousel.
    • Use storytelling and eye-catching emojis in your web or ad copy.
    • Use a bit darker and minimal image.
    • Use email marketing with an exciting subject live that grabs the attention.
    • Surprise your customers with gifts & surprises.
    • Build an emotional connection with your target audience.
    • Run campaigns.
    • Provide discounts, coupons, and deals.

    Wrap up

    These marketing strategies are the valid key to success tips for your clothing brand’s success. Being a successful brand in the fashion industry requires you to be confident, welcoming, and professional. A good brand strategy and marketing tips can help you achieve these essential features. Also, Clothing brand manufacturers play a vital role in making your brand successful, so make sure you are choosing the proper manufacturer for your brand.

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    Tom Brady
    Tom Brady

    Tom Brady is the weekly publisher of fashion blogs and articles. He is devoted to providing his readers with a fast-paced story, whether a blog or an article. What began as an undergraduate hobby of writing about the fashion industry has now become a top blog and full-time role for him. His interest is simple, anything that attracts readers about the fashion industry.

    Tom Brady

    Tom Brady

    Tom Brady is the weekly publisher of fashion blogs and articles. He is devoted to providing his readers with a fast-paced story, whether a blog or an article. What began as an undergraduate hobby of writing about the fashion industry has now become a top blog and full-time role for him. His interest is simple, anything that attracts readers about the fashion industry.