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19 Different Types of Pockets, How to Use Them, and Style with Them

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Pockets! What pockets is to pants as are keys to lock. If you carry something essential like keys, a phone wallet, keys, or anything else in your Apparel, the best help to you. It’s like having a smartphone in this generation, a basic necessity. With so many types of pockets, styles, and shapes, one can easily make a diverse range of pants and techniques with them.

In today’s era, the pocket style has advanced so much that you can create a unique look for your pants. Days are gone when slash and flap pockets were the industry’s only type of pocket style. Whenever we move nowadays, we carry essentials like keys, phones, and wallets; having them all day long won’t be good. That’s where pockets come in handy. Pockets are considered a flashy element in today’s clothing.

You are in the right spot if you are a fashion brand looking for new pocket styles, pocket shapes, and contemporary styles. Today, we are writing everything about the bags, how to style them, different pockets on pants, which are the best pockets on coats, etc. We are listing types of pockets with names.

So, let’s get started:

The Master Types of Pockets

In the big picture, there are 03 main types of pockets, including sub-types. These main pockets are pretty popular in the fashion industry. Consumers don’t often notice the difference between different pockets. To better understand different types of pocket styles, here are brief descriptions of all kinds of pockets.

  • Inseam Pockets

inseam pockets

The inseam pockets are the ones that are sewn into our everyday clothes, or we can say casual garments such as skirts, jeans, jackets, and more. The inseam pockets are inserted into the pants, jackets, or jeans as a “grown-on” look, making it a part of the pants.

They are sewn into the garment to make it a part of the pants; using stitches, they are connected to the garment in a way that looks like an invisible feature of the pants, maintaining the smooth look of your pants.

  • Patch Pockets

patch pockets

Patch pockets are the standard type of pockets manufactured using the patch of fabric over the fabric instead of making it a part of a pattern like in the inseam pockets style. The pockets are placed over the material with careful consideration of the pocket.

This patch look results in a bagged-out look as it is stitched over the fabric, resulting in a look in which pockets are placed at the top. Compared to the space, the patch pockets offer more space and are compared to the inseam pockets. But inseam pockets look more slim and sleek.

  • Inset Pockets

inset pockets

The inset pocket is the one that is placed over the main body of the garment. These are the commonly used types of coat pockets for men and women. Either on the front side or inside of the coat, the inset pockets are an excellent place to keep your essentials close and easy to reach. These are also used as rear pockets on the women’s slack bags and more. 

19 Different Types of Pockets to Use in Custom Apparel

You can add different types of pockets to your clothing line.

  • Curved Inset Pockets

curved inset pockets

Curved inset pockets are the popular type of pockets often seen in jeans. As the names tell, these pockets have curved openings and vast space, depending on the manufacturer of the jeans. This look often comes with classic five-pocket look jeans.

  • Accordion Pockets

Accordion pockets

The accordion pockets are another commonly made pocket that belongs to the patch family. They are designed with the patch component, making the pockets look pushed out of the garment. This results in a unique look. These are also quite popular with the name below pockets.

They are majorly used in cargo, army-styled pants.

  • Slash Pockets

Slash pockets

As the name says, the slash pockets have a slash-opening look. They commonly appeared on the pants, jeans, slacks, hoodies, and jackets. The slash pockets are considered comfortable because of their unique look, allowing the wearer to easily slide in and slide out their hands without resistance.

These are also known as slant pockets. The pockets start with the waistband slashing down to the seam. 

  • Flapped Patch Pocket

flapped pockets

If you want a pocket style that looks good over shirts and is more secure for storing your essentials, then the flapped patch pocket style is the right option. The flapped patch pockets style has a flap closure feature, providing extra security to whatever you carry.

These kinds of flap pockets are commonly used in shirts and jackets.

  • Saw Tooth Pocket

saw tooth pockets

The saw tooth pocket is a Western fashion element that has gained wide popularity worldwide. The saw tooth pockets are a kind of patch that is placed over the pattern. These pockets follow the above-flapped pockets’ structure as they also come with a flap on top. It is named a saw tooth pocket because its flap resembles the teeth.

  • Western Pockets

western pockets

The western pockets, as the name tells, are the traditional or vintage-looking pockets still widely used in the fashion industry. Western pockets look good with featured snap buttons and over a check shirt.

You can even customize the design of your shirts through a custom clothing manufacturer for your clothing collection.

  • Cion Pockets

cion pockets

The cion pockets are tiny in your jeans. These pockets belong to the patching category and are placed over your jean’s materials. The cion pockets are the best for customization, such as embroidering screen-printing designs over the fabrics. You can customize the look of your jeans line to personalize as your brand needs.

These pockets store small but essential things like tickets, keys, and more.

  • Check Pockets

check pockets

As the name says, the chest pockets are specifically designed to be placed at the upper chest for men’s and women’s shirts. Usually, they come with the flap style over the top with a button that adds a unique look to your shirts, making pockets part of your attire.

  • Welt Pockets

welt pockets

The welt is another popular pocket that belongs to the inseam pocket designs. They are usually placed sideways of the hoodies, t-shirts, and bomber jackets to acquire a unique look. These pockets provide a comfortable placement for hands.

  • Jetted Pockets

jetted pockets

The jetted pockets are the mainstream pockets that add a functional and unique appearance to the coats. It’s one of the particular types of pockets for coats. In terms of looks, the jetted pockets are less visible from the outside, maintaining your look while it has a narrow and horizontal slit that adds vast space for your pocket.

  • Jetted Pockets With a Flap


The name tells it all: the jetted pockets with flaps are the same as the regular ones. Both are used to acquire two types of bags on coats and a unique look for your clothing. The flap structure has an old traditional look used for coats in 90. The jetted pockets are the advanced version that is used in coats nowadays.

  • Bellows Pockets

bellow pockets

The bellows pockets are primarily designed for hunting Apparel and traveling Apparel. The Bellows pockets can result in best-of-pocket styles. These pockets are also used in sportswear Apparel. It has a flap made up of high-quality materials. These pockets are ample to cater to carrying more items while traveling.

  • Mechanic or Work Wear Pockets.


As the name tells, the mechanic and work wear pockets are specifically designed and used to be placed over the mechanic suits. The mechanic pockets are roomy and have a helpful design with features of functional use. The pockets can easily carry hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, lineman’s pliers, and more.

The sideways pockets are joined with the metal rivets, making its structure more robust and durable.

  • Kangaroo Pockets

kangaroo pockets

You might be hearing about these pockets for the first time without realizing that it’s one of the best-loving pockets in the fashion industry. The kangaroo pockets are large patches placed primarily over the hoodies and less commonly on sweatshirts. The kangaroo pockets are comfortable and warm because they have an opening from both sides.

These are the best pockets for those who like to place their hands in their pockets in hoodies or sweatshirts.

  • Utility Pocket

utility pockets

The utility pockets are specially designed to carry small utilities for everyday use. One unique feature of these utility pockets is that they have multiple compartments that can be useful for taking several things. These pockets are slowly bringing in casual clothing, but their wide presence is found in military uniforms, bags, and more.

  • Slit Pockets

slit pockets

The slit pockets are one of the standard types so pockets that are used in Apparel nowadays. These pockets add a unique look to your pockets, usually placed at the back of your pants. The name describes it all. You only get to see the slit of the pockets, adding a sleek look to your outfit. The pocket bag is attached to the slit having an excellent space to carry your things around.

  • Jeans Pockets

jeans pockets

Jeans pockets are quite popular pockets in the fashion world. Since custom jeans are pretty in the fashion industry, the pocket options for jeans are also quite versatile. The jeans pockets come in diverse shapes and sizes, such as curved, rounded, standard, arch, and more. These looks result in unique, different looks for the jeans.

Moreover, with different pocket styles, you get options in flaps such as cured, pleated, rounded, standard, and more. The pockets and flaps styles can be adjusted based on the needs of your target audience.

  • Draped Pockets

drapped pockets

The draped pockets, also known as cowl pockets, are best known for their draping features. These are mainly used in women’s clothing, such as in skirts. The draped pockets have various folds that hide the pockets, maintaining the look of the dress. The draped pockets have a flowy appearance on the women’s clothing.

  • Zipper Pockets

zipper pockets

The Zipper pockets are used to increase the safety of whatever you are carrying. The zipper pockets are mainly used in trousers, hoodies, jackets, and mostly on flexible materials. Another widespread use of zipper pockets is in apparel products such as bags, camping gear, and more.

The zips can diversify your apparel lines uniquely in sizes, colors, and shapes. It can provide safety as it features pieces of fabric attached.


So, this was all about the diversification of pocket style and shape. There are too many pockets, so you can choose anything spanning from in-seam bags to patches styled pockets or open-styled or zippered styles pockets for your clothing line. This vast range of versatile options for the pockets allows you to choose whatever you want.

You can choose the custom style and shape of pockets for your custom clothing line. With a custom clothing manufacturer, you can add a unique look to your Apparel with custom pocket styling. You can do custom embellishments, screen printing, DTG printing, or cut and sew patches on your custom pockets.

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Tom Brady
Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the weekly publisher of fashion blogs and articles. He is devoted to providing his readers with a fast-paced story, whether a blog or an article. What began as an undergraduate hobby of writing about the fashion industry has now become a top blog and full-time role for him. His interest is simple, anything that attracts readers about the fashion industry.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the weekly publisher of fashion blogs and articles. He is devoted to providing his readers with a fast-paced story, whether a blog or an article. What began as an undergraduate hobby of writing about the fashion industry has now become a top blog and full-time role for him. His interest is simple, anything that attracts readers about the fashion industry.