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Create A Dazzling Look With Tie Dye Color Combination Ideas

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Are you getting bored of drab clothes? Do you want to have the fab staple in your closet? Then, try some tie dye design patterns. As fashion trends come and go, tie dye combinations have been a fashion staple for a long time, and the demand for printing is estimated to be US$76.8 billion in 2022. It is not only a fun activity and pastime to do but also a creative way to dye plain and boring outfits into chic and vibrant hues. We take a closer look at the best tie-dye colors and help you choose the dream dress. 

Let’s get over with a few color combinations for tie-dye. Well, the best colors are made with the primary colors, or if you plan to use the other two or three colors, making sure to have the right shade from the color wheel is essential. So, explore the below guide and find the one that compliments your style! 

Understanding The Basics Of Tie Dye Color

Understanding The Basics Of Tie Dye Color

Take a moment to think about whether you’re looking for a single color or a combination. Choosing the right tie dye color combinations can make or break your print. After all, the color selection of your new upscale top, t-shirt, scarf, or any apparel is a way to express your individuality. Tie-dye coloring does not always run smoothly, if you combine your favorite hues and hope for the best and funkiest results, you disappoint, as your dye may bleed and lead to brown spots. 

So what happened? Well, To achieve unique tie-dye color combos, you must understand the basics. This will help you to achieve a fabulous finishing look. Dye colors are a combination of colors, when tie-dyeing, they may result in overlap or black coloration. Therefore, you might find the primary and secondary colors and their combination for an eye-catching and lasting print. Don’t be afraid, See our dyeing process in detail and learn what suits you better.

So mix them or place these colors side by side, even if they intermix each other and produce something extraordinary. Let’s find out which color combination works best for you, and you’ll indeed find your favorite tie dye ideas for shirts among our selection list.

Single Color Tie Dye

Single Color Tie Dye

If you are thinking by incorporating more, you can steal the show, then you need to be corrected. This, of course, depends on the mastering skills. But sometimes less is more, the less dye you use, the higher the chances of sophisticated and chic apparel. 

However, if you are a tie dye newbie, dying with a single color is best and the result will amaze you. You can tie die by picking a white background with any color. You can also use your favorite color dye on a pastel color like pink, or baby blue, or with a magenta instead of white background. This is a great way to experiment with multiple colors without going wrong!

Two Primary Color 

Two Primary Color

Another beautiful way to step up your dying game is the primary color, you can add two attractive primary colors depending on your desired preferences. There are many workable options, ensuring the result will make sure to bring unique secondary colors. Options for primary color include:

Red+Yellow- results in orange 

Red+Blue- results in purple

Blue+Yellow- results in green

You can create hundreds of shades by mixing the two primary colors, for example, adding turquoise and yellow gives you the shade of green. However, the type of shade also depends on the proportion you use. If you want a darker shade, add more color in a larger quantity. 

Primary And Secondary Color Combo

Primary And Secondary Color Combo

You can also use the one primary and secondary color for the most creative design. If you want to go out of the ordinary color, look no further than complementary and vibrant color families. This will surely be the standout of color, but be mindful while selecting the colors. The wrong one creates a brown spot, which generally does not result in the desired coloring of your own and popping up the event. Options for this combination are:

Red+Purple- results in burgundy and magenta 

Blue Purple- results in nude shades of purple

Yellow+Green- results in lime green or apple green  

Blue+Green- results in turquoise and teal

Multicolor Tie Dye Color Combos

Multicolor Tie Dye Color Combos

If you want to go out of the tie dyeing pattern, nothing is stopping you. Explore and combine three colors, green, yellow, and blue, incorporating them into each other, creating an orange, green, and violet. However, it would help to create a natural arrangement for the traditional rainbow color to get a similar shade and combine it correctly. 

Opt for an appealing or neutral color combination instead of a colorful exploration. These colors will surely bring calm and summery vibes. Here are some popular theme colors:


Blue+Grey- results in Brown

Blue+Navy- results in Black

Yellow+Green- results in Blue 

Remember, there are thousands of multi-color options, but you need to keep one thing in mind: choose the right color and alter the right amount of color. This is an appropriate way to showcase your identity and cater to your design.

Which Color Works Best On Tie Dye

Suppose you are looking for good tie dye color combos that work best with fabric and yield an impressive result. Typically, go for the complementary hues, striking opposite each other and creating a secondary hue at the edge. Yet you may also opt for the multicolor dye and achieve the ideal result by following the guidelines and avoiding placing that result in brown. 

For the ideal dying, try to follow the advice properly. Have a look at these points

  • Use the single colors for the more accurate and attractive results.
  • Primary colors are the best to use, which results in secondary colors.
  • The combination of contrasting primary and secondary colors will sure to bring a standing and show-stealing look.
  • To avoid unsightly bleeding, use the correct order for the multi-color combinations of tie-dye.

Which Color Shouldn’t Use For Tie Dye

There are many colors you should not use when tie-dyeing, while every combination is unique and exciting, it will all depend on the placement and control. Learn how to tie-dye and get the proper control on spiral tie-dye patterns, as a result, they come into attractive colors as anticipated. 

  • Avoid using three primary colors such as (red+blue yellow) which results in brown.
  • Intermixing two brown colors (orange+green, orange+purple, green & purple) always creates brown colors.
  • Many complementary colors that are opposite to each other also result in spillover and turn brown.

These recommendations will surely bring the finest and most sophisticated combination without bleeding into brown. You can add each color cautiously and use the perfect method for each print. So, what are you looking for? Add the right color and go wild with that!


In conclusion, tie-dye is the best way to have creative and appealing apparel in your closet. It’s not difficult, and you can achieve the ideal dye by using the correct method and combination for your dream staple. Take advantage of our guide and add your design with the help of our given color combination. This will give you various designs to market to your customers, from bold designs to gifting items. So, select the correct method by scrolling the Internet and have the right combination that complements your style!

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Tom Brady
Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the weekly publisher of fashion blogs and articles. He is devoted to providing his readers with a fast-paced story, whether a blog or an article. What began as an undergraduate hobby of writing about the fashion industry has now become a top blog and full-time role for him. His interest is simple, anything that attracts readers about the fashion industry.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the weekly publisher of fashion blogs and articles. He is devoted to providing his readers with a fast-paced story, whether a blog or an article. What began as an undergraduate hobby of writing about the fashion industry has now become a top blog and full-time role for him. His interest is simple, anything that attracts readers about the fashion industry.