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9 Best Fashion Design Apps for Clothing Designers

With ever-changing fashion trends in the clothing industry, there are new designs, patterns, fabrics, and technologies every day, and it's almost impossible for any brand to adopt the new fashion trends and compete with the market dynamics. Businesses all around the world require higher productivity to ensure the growth of the company.

Clothing Design App Make it Life Easier

The fashion industry is innovating day by day, and so are these fashion design apps. These applications for fashion designing, pattern making, and illustrating make the workflow much easier and quicker and bring it to professional development. And the best advantage of these fashion designing applications is that you don't need a proper computer or a system to access the designs.

It's the 21st century, and thanks to these advanced technologies, with the help of fashion design apps, you can create innovative and aesthetic designs everywhere at any time.

A Source of Inspiration

These fashion apps are a great source of inspiration for brands and clothing brands. With these apps, you can quickly and efficiently create male or female outfits faster. If you love to browse through fashion and the latest trends or manufacture clothes yourself, then these clothes designer apps are best for you. You can also get designs and ideas to create a tech pack for fashion line.

List of Fashion Designing Apps for Both IOS and Android Users

There are several numbers of the best fashion designing apps available on both android and IOS platforms. Some of these apps are free, while some are paid. So, if you are a fashion lover, trend follower, passionate designer, professional graphics designer, illustrator, stylist, or anyone, these fashion designing apps can help you with anything.

Many software companies develop free and paid design and fashion apps. These apps help the designers and brands imagine, design, produce, and create trends and the latest fashions in the clothing industry. Moreover, another advantage is that these fashion designing apps help you save money and time.

Here is a list of all the clothes design apps you can choose from. You can download this App from the Google Play store, and for iPhone users can download this App through the IOS store.

Clothing Design Apps For Android Users

  1. Pinterest (Also available on IOS)

    Pinterest is not new, although it has been the town's talk for a while. It's kind of a digital board with pins according to every topic and niche. If you look closely, the name conveys the message that the App covers every topic or interest of people.

    Every day you can find new fashion trends and unique ideas about the stunning fashion ideas and unique collections here. The Pinterest app is one of the best fashion design apps that allows users and designers to browse and explore great pictures and fashion easily.

    This App has around 602 million boards covering 21 billion ideas (pins) in the fashion and clothing industry alone. So, if you are looking for a source of inspiration, it can be a good source for you.

  2. Adobe Illustrator (Also available on IOS)

    Adobe Illustrator is an application that is made for design. Most illustrators and designers use adobe illustrator for designing by using the innovative feature in the workflow.

    The App has all the essential tools used for creating logos, designs, signs, sketches, etc. You can also publish your design on the adobe platform or over the internet.

    The adobe illustrator is one of the best fashion design apps for designing clothes. Beginners might find it complicated to understand and use the tools' functionality. But there are so many online tutorials and other valuable materials that can be great learning resources. Many custom clothing manufacturers use adobe illustrator to design a Mockups, Techpacks, Patterns, Sketches, etc.

  3. Color Snap - Integrated System of Colors (Also available on IOS)

    Color snap is another best app that has been a source for fashion designers and creators. As the name says, color snap is an app that helps fashion designers gather complete information about any color of clothing or accessories.

    If you find difficulty in spotting the right color for your clothing design, then color snap is the right option. The App can help you recognize the colors. Moreover, this App also helps you choose the best colors that will be good for your outfits. And the best thing is that the App is entirely free to use.

  4. Corel Draw (Also available on IOS)

    Corel Draw is another important great graphics application that is an innovative and helping source for most designers. The apps have tools that are helpful for you if you want to design your clothes virtually. The App has it all, from designing patterns making, designing to drawing geometric mannequins.

    The versatile vector drawing package is one of the users' most significant advantages of this App. The App allows the designers to work on multiple pages within the same document. The graphic designing section of this App includes page layout options, typographic features, and other compatibilities like OpenType, Page Numbers, Master pages, and more.

  5. Clothing Design Apps For IOS Users

  6. Art Authority

    The IOS platform is also full of designing apps. Art Authority is one of the top options for designers and brands. According to today's trend, people like artwork to be printed over their clothes, and this App excels in proving the best artworks of various flavors.

    So, this App can be a powerful tool for finding inspiration and developing a new clothing product. It has an App library that is fully loaded with around 10,000+ images.

    These images are of paintings, sculptures, and artworks by professional artists from around the globe. The App offers an impressive visual archive and art collection for designers.

  7. Vogue Runway - Access To The Fashion World Shows (Also available on Android)

    If you are curious about the fashion industry and always want to stay updated on every news related fashion industry, then Vogue Runway can be the best App for you. The Vogue Runway is the best illustration app with a vast collection of images and magazines.

    The App contains images of more than 12,000 fashion shows and more than 1 million images from 2000 to date. You can discover images of fashion shows that are happening all around the globe.

    This App might be very inspirational as it contains pictures of clothes that various top designers manufacture. You can enjoy the fashion shows from London, Paris, New York, and other cities while just being on your iPhone. Isn't that amazing?

  8. Business Of Fashion- Leading Resource For Fashion Creatives

    The business of fashion is one of the famous fashion resource apps for entrepreneurs, graphics designers, fashion experts, entrepreneurs, designers, and executives in every corner of the world. Hundreds of fashion insiders and journalists are working behind the App and collecting the information and details of the latest fashion trends and interests in the fashion world.

    In this App, you can easily browse through detailed information, global markets, retail fashion, graphics designing ideas, clothing business intelligence, trends, and new terms used in the fashion industry.

    Moreover, you can see exciting reports that might help you in your clothing business.

  9. Sketch

    The sketch is another excellent design app that allows novice users to use the platform and hone their design skills fully. Another best functionality of this App is that you can even make money from this App.

    The App offers a simple user interface with tons of cool features and functionalities. The developers are constantly improving the App by integrating new advanced features.

    In this App, you can collaborate, create, share, and implement your creative ideas with the help of your design skills. The App also includes a prototyping option, vector editor, and other functions that help create your ideas into perfect finished products.

  10. Ever Note (Also available on Android)

    The Ever Note App offers easy access and attracts users with its unique functioning and features. The ever note doesn't belong to that fashion design class specifically designed for PC.

    Thanks to its advanced and helpful features, you can easily combine pictures, videos, and texts with no hassles or storage problems. Real time data is stored in the cloud so that you can access the data from anywhere at any time.

My Top Choice For Best Clothing Design App

Well, several apps offer unique and different features and functionalities that are equally important. But if you ask, I will say I use Adobe Illustrator and Pinterest. I use Pinterest to get the idea for clothes and design ideas. While designing the clothes, I use adobe illustrator.

Both of these tools are helpful are good in adding details to design.


Brands and clothing businesses need advanced and cutting-edge technology to help adapt and curate the latest fashion patterns and designs. I have listed excellent fashion design Apps that are easily available for Android and IOS users.

Some of these Apps are free, while some are paid. So, if you are a fashion lover, trend follower, passionate designer, professional graphics designer, illustrator, stylist, or anyone, these fashion designing apps can help you with anything.