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11 Different Types Of Hats To Start Hat Business

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With so many types of hats, there are more chances for you to get confused about which one to wear on what occasions. There are versatile different types of hats that you can pick to style your way unique from others. If you feel overwhelmed about choosing the right hat for yourself or your clothing brand to sell with, this blog is for you.

Here in this blog, we are breaking down to 11 best famous hat types that are pretty in the fashion and you’ll surely love. The hats are essential elements in your apparel to style your unique styles. Different people use different types of hats for many reasons. Some for-fashion styling, for traditions, some for safety, some for their religion, and more.

Moreover, one of the best advantages of hats is that they help us cover our heads from high temperatures and bad weather conditions. Protecting your face from sun rays, the hat and caps are one of the best headwear.

Start a hat business!

Are you thinking of Starting a hat business? Well, you are in the right spot. Knowing which caps are best to sell to lead a successful hat brand is better. Get your best hat designs manufacturer from us as your Hat Manufacturer. We’ll create bespoke custom hat designs with customized custom screen printing on-demand cut and on-demand cut-and-sew manufacturing for your hat brand.

The best hat designs: From past eras till date

Back when fedora hats were in demand, they also made new trends in the fashion and apparel industry. Classic hat designs, beanies, caps, trucker hats, dad hats, and many caps are popular in the apparel industry. There are so many types of hats for men and, inversely, types of hats for Women that sometimes it becomes difficult to remember the name of what style you are looking for.

11 Different Types Of Hats To Start Hat Business

Here in this blog, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the types of caps with their designs and styling descriptions so that you can easily understand and remember what format you should wear. So, let’s get started and explore some of the best hat types.

  • Baseball caps

The baseball caps are one of the trendiest hat styles currently in high demand in the apparel industry. The baseball comes with a wide brim at the cap’s front side, providing excellent protection from sun rays. The baseball caps are popular among both men and women.

The baseball caps are versatile ones that always support your casual look and go on with almost every regard. It has an athletic look, so you can quickly wear them while playing sports.

baseball cap
  • Bowler hat

The bowler hat is a pretty popular design from the 1800s. The bowler hats were primarily manufactured to replace the top hats because they fell quickly from the caps. Since then, the bowler hats have gained popularity because of their unique look and good grip. 

The bowler hats are also called derby hats and are primarily worn by men. Back in the old days, these hats were worn by cowboys and men while riding horses and doing other strenuous activities.

bowler hat
  • Fedora hats 

The hats have got all the style and decency in them. The fedora hats are a demanding style that has gained much fan base in the 20’s. The fedora hat is more like a versatile hat that has undergone different types such as pork pie, snap brim, trilby hats, and more.

The fedora hats have that timeless style featuring a small brim from the front sideways and back. You can match and mix fedora hats with casual and formal apparel settings for a unique look.

fedora hats
  • Field caps

No wonder why field caps are also referred to as military caps. That’s clearly because of its look and the fact the same styled caps are used in military uniforms. The military caps are similar to the baseball caps. The only difference is that it features a flat rather than a round top, like in baseball caps.

field caps
  • Flat bill caps or Newsboy caps

Call it whatever you want. This hat comes with so many names. A lot of Thomas Shelby’s fanbase calls it the Peaky Blinders hat. The flat bills or newsboy caps gained popularity after the Peaky Blinders show. Although the cap belongs to the old era, originating in 1571, this style is still in the top trending charts list.

 The Newsboy is a versatile cap worn in several casual styles.

flat bill caps or newsboy caps
  • Outback hats

The Outback hats are Australian-styled hats that are popular all around the globe. Travelers usually wear this type of hat, explorers, or those who like to have a firm grip over their hats as this hat comes with a grip that you can adjust across your neck. The designs and build of the cap are pretty durable and versatile.

The hats are manufactured using natural cotton, leather, and other fabrics. The cap has got wide brim that provides coverage from the sun. The best you can have is outback hats when you are going on a trip.

outback hats
  • Truckers’ hats

The trucker hats are that are almost similar to the baseball caps. Having a similar shape to the baseball hats, the trucker hats come with mesh panels that complete the unique look of the hats. Usually, the trucker hats come with two front pieces of fabric that can be matched pretty well with your outfit.

If you own a hat brand, you can easily do cut and sew manufacturing or screen print the design of your brand over the hat. Make sure to have a unique style or design screen printed over the caps because that’s what people notice when buying a cap.

truckers' hats
  • Panama hats

Panama hats are pretty popular as types of hats for Women. Both men and women wear them the design gained popularity in the 19th century. The caps consist of a thick weave and a medium-sized brim that are perfect for protection from the sun.

The Panama hats are the best outfit maker for your summer outfits. They are usually worn in the tropical areas. The unique color combination and premium fabric, i.e., silk & linen, put the Panama hats in great demand.

panama hats
  • Steampunk hats

The Steampunk hats are the best-in-style ones used by magicians in the past, but now they are worn by men, women, and youngsters of Gen-Z to showcase their style. You can make a unique look with steampunk hats by customizing them with chains, cogs, and laces to create a unique look for your brand.

As your custom hat manufacturer, we’ll customize the best look for your demanded styles for your hat brand.

steampunk hats
  • Western hats/cowboys’ hats

The Western or Cowboys’ hats have similar flavors hats reflect the same style. These iconic styles of hats are pretty popular in the Southwest Side of America. It has a front brim and curved brim from the sideways.

The Western or cowboy hats are among the best hat types for travelers to unwind the best adventures. Both men and women wear cowboys as they match the outfits and styling.

western hats
  • Snapback hats

The snapback hats that are pretty popular among rappers and singers artists are another outstanding apparel element you can wear and match with your casual styles. The snapback hats come in a wide variety of styles. The snapback hats are worn backward, putting the cap’s brim at the back side of the head.

The snapback hats feature an adjustable strap that is used to adjust the fitting of that hat. The snapback is one of the caps for casual styling.

snapback hats

Wrapping up

So here are the top hat types that are trendy in the apparel industry. If you are thinking of starting your fashion hat brand, feel free to top-pick and customize any hat styles mentioned in the blog, or contact us, and we’ll customize it for your brand. Some hats like Fedora hats, cowboys snaps back, or truckers’ hats are the ever-loved apparel in the hats industry. You can buy predesigned hats for your brand as private-label clothing methods work.

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Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the weekly publisher of fashion blogs and articles. He is devoted to providing his readers with a fast-paced story, whether a blog or an article. What began as an undergraduate hobby of writing about the fashion industry has now become a top blog and full-time role for him. His interest is simple, anything that attracts readers about the fashion industry.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the weekly publisher of fashion blogs and articles. He is devoted to providing his readers with a fast-paced story, whether a blog or an article. What began as an undergraduate hobby of writing about the fashion industry has now become a top blog and full-time role for him. His interest is simple, anything that attracts readers about the fashion industry.