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A Stylish Journey Back in Time: Exploring 80s Fashion for Men.

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10 Best of 80s Men’s Fashion Trends That Are Still in Demand

The 80s men’s Fashion is still all around us, even after 04 deaceds. It is no surprise why people keep returning to it. In the 80s, men’s fashion clothing perfectly symbolized pop, oud patterns, electric style, decency, and vintage vibes. These factors give 80’s Fashion an edge in today’s era as well, and that’s why it is making a solid comeback in today’s fashion industry.

Designed with bold styles, the best color combinations, and high-quality fabrics, we have witnessed some of the best trends that help men showcase the version of themself. The dad jeans, caps, and tucked-in T-shirts with versatile jackets are the best of the 1980s and still vibrant enough for a fashion statement.

Here in this blog, we will discuss everything about 80’s retro Fashion and how you can style and wear 80’s Fashion in today’s times.

Overview of 80’s Fashion

Back in 80’s the clothing fashion wasn’t revolving around the debate of looking good or not, but it was purely based on self-expression. Every element from the 80s Fashion has some meaning, and it allowed men to showcase their personality, uniqueness, and individuality through clothing.

Styles like ripped jeans, loose jackets, and wide jeans are the core elements of vintage clothing that are still popular in the fashion industry. Some clothing brands also played a significant role in making up vintage collections, such as Ralph Lauren, a famous fashion spot for people from the 80’s.

Key Characteristics from the 80s Fashion

Here are some critical characteristics from the 80s Fashion that make vintage Fashion the best look and style.

  • Use of Bold colors

In the 80s, Fashion was widely popular because of color selection. Men weren’t restricted by color to showcase their personality. With colors like bright red, electric blues, pink, and green, men represent the best version of their self in unique vintage clothing.

  • Oversized silhouettes

The baggy Fashion we see today is from the 1980s retro fashion collection. The use of oversized blazers, jeans, jackets, sweatshirts, and shoulder pads was introduced in the peak 80’s mens fashion times.

Unsurprisingly, these styles are still booming in the fashion industry because of their attractive vintage vibes.

  • 100% Denim

Even in the 90’s, the denim fabric was way ahead of its time. The people loved the muscular look of acid-washed & stone-washed denim jeans. Back then, Denim was famous for jeans, jackets, and even skirts for women.

  • Mix and match

The idea of combining patterns with textures is from the 80’s. It was an experiment to generate a new look into the showcase industry, and it seems to be unique enough to be still in demand.

  • Accessories

Talking about accessories, watches, and belts were an essential part of 80’s fashion clothing to personalize the look.

These are all the critical factors of the best 80’s fashion clothing ideas. The idea of clothing back then was entirely for self-expression without fear of any fun being made. This flexibility of designing and styling made all fashion brands and consumers look back to the best retro Fashion of the 80s for vintage vibes.

The Best of 80’s Fashion Trends

Here are some of the best 13 Fashion trends from the 1980s:

·       Power dressing (bold colors, shoulder pads & suits)

Power dressing is one of the critical appearances from the 80s that fall into the formal category back when the era was of big hair, the use of bold colors in suits, oversized silhouettes, and shoulder pads.

Everyone from office-going people to famous artists such as David Bowie used to complete their look with a power dressing. Several fashion brands such as Armani Gucci & more played an essential role in revolutionizing and collecting the design from 1980.

The neon fashion was quite in at the time. People weren’t afraid to pair up with bright colors like shocking blue or electric blue. Pairing up with a vest or suit, the power dressing was also famous as a casual wear option.

·       Baggy jumpers

As the name says, any oversized dress falls into the baggy category. Worn by men and women of the 80’s, the baggy Fashion features a unique look. Made of unique, bold colors, baggy patterns reflect a casual look that keeps you comfortable throughout the day.

In the 80s, the baggy or we ca oversized look was one of the easiest to get along with. It would help if you put it on and are good to go. There was a time when this baggy look was the hallmark of the fashion industry.

This is why baggy or oversized clothing has returned to the fashion industry today. You can easily find a baggy jacket, T-shirt, or hoodie in today’s times. Add custom prints to your oversized jackets, T-shirts, or hoodies to make the look more fun.

·       Bomber jackets

The bomber jackets are still a sign of a fashion that roots back to the 1980s. Back in 80’s the bomber jackets appeared in different forms. The Tom Cruise look from the movie Top Gun is one of the prime fashion examples of bomber jackets that was quite popular in the 80’s.

Two popular designs from the 80s include the Air Force bomber worn by Tom Cruise in the top gun and the other one with the casual look that appeared in different forms. These bomber jackets are best for layering up with casual clothing. The letterman jacket is a popular look from the 80s that still kills it in today’s Fashion.

The bomber jacket is one of the vintage fashion clothing that is still ironic in the current fashion industry. Fashion brands and jacket manufacturers have made some killer bomber styles to make bombers more appealing and functional.

·       Preppy look (including polo shirts, khakis & shoes)

Polo shirts with popped collars, boat shoes, or joggers paired with khakis pants were a casual and sophisticated look from the 80s that still inspires many. The tourists mainly spotted the preppy look. The dress empathizes with freedom and informal flexibility.

The audience liked the style. The use of light and bright colors such as blue, light blue, and mint green represents the modern look of that era. While the eyes were casual, it was also suitable to wear in formal situations. It uses high-quality fabrics and is versatile to pair with cashmere sweaters and silk ties that change the look.

Several celebs were spotted wearing preppy look clothes as casual wear, which leads this look to inspire the current generation to look upon and style one.

·       Double Denim look

The double denim look is one of the best trends from the 80s men’s Fashion that is still alive and kicking in the men’s fashion industry. Back in the day, almost all men used to wear this double-denim style to look unique. The double denim look is born to class for men.

The double denim look took the consumer’s attention even in the times of day. When worn, the double Denim provides you with a confident, casual look and style at the same time. Also, your denim jackets are versatile to add to different clothing lines and make unique appearances.

The acid wash jeans can be the best leg warmers you can pair with jeans jackets and show off the best unique look referencing the 80s outfits from past days. Also, you can edit your jeans with a custom design to make a unique personalized style for yourself.

·       Hawaiian shirts

You might think Hawaiian shirts are the new wave in the fashion industry, but these shirts are quite popular in 80’s outfits. History has witnessed some artists and celebrities on screen, such as Tom Selleck, in Hawaiian shirts with a mustache. The unique look inspires millions, and people start following the trend.

The Hawaiian shirts with unique prints and soft fabrics made a strong comeback in the summer fashion industry a couple of years back, but now we see youth keeping the mustache. The Hawaiian shirts offer the flexibility of limitless design customization.

From decent to crazy-looking designs, Hawaiian shirts are easy to handle. As a t-shirt manufacturer, we add any 80s style to your custom shirts. From breezy looks to bold, vibrant prints, you can get it all covered while we are your manufacturer.

·       Oversized printed shirts

As we told you, loud patterns and bright colors were essential in the 80’s style. These features in the oversized printed shirts make the 80’s Fashion go retro and dope simultaneously. The extensive printed shirt look was completed with contrasting pants. The color and design flexibilities in the shirts were too many.

One looks unique and attractive wearing these printed shirts and pairing them with matching pants or denim jeans. The oversized shirt look has also made an active comeback in today’s Fashion. Screen printing unique custom designs over the t-shirts can result in next-level designs that are best to wear on casual and formal occasions as per the design.

·       The Fluro look

The fluro look is unforgettable because of its unique and unisex 80’s fashion look. The fluro stands for a fluorescent look or neon look. This look is a neon fashion of the 80s that is still being followed. In the ’80s, the fluro look was worn at concerts, parties, and casually.

Now, decades have passed, but still, people love the variations in the fluro designs. Because of its good fit and techniques, it is hard to take an eye off neo-fashion and its variety of colorful looks. The best fluro clothing comes out with cotton fabric. You can choose the pant style and color as per the designs you have in your shirt. And the same goes for the shoes.

·       Leather jackets

Leather jackets are not easy to forget and never will be. We can’t say that leather jackets have returned to the fashion industry because leather jackets were never out of Fashion. Keeping the fashion legacy alive, leather jackets were a primary apparel worn by artists, metal rock singers, bikers, gangsters, and singers.

Being a primary staple in men’s Fashion in the 1980s, leather jackets have traveled far. The Apparel is still practical and versatile enough to pair up with several looks. There are several leather types based on the quality of the leather fabric. You can quickly get leather jackets manufactured by a clothing manufacturer based on the design you are looking for and get the bespoke design you are looking for.

·       80’s Men Summer Fashion

The 80’s was an era of perfect fashion styles full of iconic and trendy looks. The summer look from the 80s outfit is one of those practical looks. It includes both shirts and T-shirts paired with shorts. Shorts of that time were a little shorter in length than today. These shorts allow men to show off their legs from the thighs to below.

It’s no wonder why shirts and short looks still inspire many people. Even after 04 decades, people find these shorts summer designs best for summer. However, people now prefer the shorts length to be taller than in previous versions of this Fashion. But we can say safely that this 80s style has made a successful comeback in the current era.

Custom Clothing & Personalization Can Help You Remerge the Best Looks from 1980’s Fashion

The custom clothing and bespoke fashion services make it easy to have a revised version of 1980s fashion with better looks and style. You can easily reinterpret 80’s Fashion as per your bespoke fashion needs. Here are some custom fashion services that can help you personalize 80’s Fashion:

  • Custom design making

With us being your custom clothing manufacturer, you can get personalized 80s clothing style the way you want it. Our designer team can skillfully add this custom design to your clothing line, whether it’s bold patterns, full-color designs, screen prints, or unique silhouettes.

  • Custom fabrics selection

Fabric is an essential element of an 80’s outfit. We offer a versatile range of fabric selections to get the same look and design. You can select cotton, spandex, acid-washed Denim, premium leather, and more as per your preference for your custom style.

  • Tailored fit

Some designs from 80’s men’s Fashion focused on fitting, while some look good being oversized. We create the custom-tailored fit to your plan and expectations, whether fitted or oversized designs you are looking for. We have got your back for all custom and personalized designs you are looking for.

  • Personalization

You can personalize the 80’s 80s-inspired Fashion by adding your custom brand logo, name, design, and embroidery or by printing any design over your personalized 80s clothing line.

  • Merging Fashion of 02 Eras

Using today’s advanced custom designing and inspiration looks from 80’s outfits. We can quickly adopt any retro or vintage look you find interesting.

Material & Fabrics Mainly Used In 80’s Fashion

The 80’s Fashion has bold patterns, designs, full-color prints, silhouettes, and premium fabrics. Here are some popular materials that are majorly used in 80’s Fashion.

  • Acid washed Denim

The double denim look is complete with acid-washed Denim. It includes denim jeans and denim jackets that make the look unique. We can manufacture custom jeans, jackets, faded, & marbled with your bespoke fashion requirements.

  • Lycra/ Spandex

The spandex and Lycra fabrics are the popular fabric options in 50’s Fashion. Being versatile, it can manufacture custom-tailored fit dresses and leg warmers. The spandex fabric offers good stretchability, making it a popular option to manufacture custom swimwear clothing, leggings, and dresses.

  • Neon colors

The neon colors were used in many styles from 80’s outfits. To make your Apparel look unique, full or accurate and vibrant colors, you can use the neon color of different apparel products such as custom t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, and more.

  • Sequins

Sequins are a popular clothing fabric that offers excellent, versatile design options. We can incorporate the latest fashion designs inspired by 80’s outfit, such as gowns, collar, and cuffs that throws an 80′ vintage vibe.

  • Shoulder pads

The shoulder pads from the 80s are popular among fashionistas today. The shoulder pads add a power dressing touch to today’s look. We can add removable shoulder pads in your jackets, custom blazers, suits, and dresses to get the 80’s look.

  • Leather

Leather is a time favorite fabric that is used in diverse fashion styles. We can craft the best leather jacket fabrics with your bespoke custom fashion needs. With our top-quality custom manufacturing, you can get the same rock and reeling or punk look you want.

  • Rayon

Rayon is a premium fabric that adds a flowy, oversized look to dresses. We can use rayon fabric and create relaxed, large, and loose-fitting dresses and wide pants, as your demanded custom look inspired by 80’s design.

  • Velvet

Velvet was a significant part of 80’s Fashion, resulting in a premium look in the dress. You can add velvet lining to your clothing line to get a sophisticated and luxurious look in your suit’s activewear look. We are a handy resource to add velvet elegance to your clothing line.

Some popular 80’s Fashion icons

Here are some of the top 80’s fashion icons that can inspire you.

Madonna is a fashion icon who has been seen wearing the best of 80’s outfits. Still, Madonna’s Fashion is a complete niche to follow for her fan base.

Whitney Houston is pretty famous for her unique taste in fashion dresses. She had this charm and 80s glam look in all of her outfits. She often wears different embellished jackets and bras with light-shade jackets.

Micheal Jackson wasn’t only famous for singing and dancing. He was also a fashion star, and his vast fan base still follows the fashion styles he used to wear. The Micheal Jackson style and prince outfits he used to wear are pretty famous among the dancers.

What is some gender-neutral fashion from the 80s style?

Some popular gender-neutral Fashions are best used as unisex styles today.

  • Athlete wear

  • Denim wear

  • Band T-shirts

  • High Waisted jeans


  • Oversized shirts


  • Graphical shirts


  • Hoodies

  • Leather jackets


  • Retro sneakers


So, you see, the fashion industry has no end. Styles from 04 decades are still inspiring and trending for many in today’s era. These designs mentioned in this blog of trends of 80’s outfits prove that Fashion can make a strong comeback. It just needs a visual appeal. Being a clothing brand, you can make trends in the fashion industry, and you need to discover a unique design for your clothing line and ensure high-quality manufacturing for your clothing collection.

Zega Apparel is a renowned & leading manufacturer of custom expert, bespoke fashion designs based on your requirements. Be it 80’s Fashion and you’re looking for your custom design and prints to be added over it or something new, we are happy to manufacture a unique Apparel line with the best fabrics and details. Feel free to discuss your next project with us.

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Tom Brady
Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the weekly publisher of fashion blogs and articles. He is devoted to providing his readers with a fast-paced story, whether a blog or an article. What began as an undergraduate hobby of writing about the fashion industry has now become a top blog and full-time role for him. His interest is simple, anything that attracts readers about the fashion industry.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the weekly publisher of fashion blogs and articles. He is devoted to providing his readers with a fast-paced story, whether a blog or an article. What began as an undergraduate hobby of writing about the fashion industry has now become a top blog and full-time role for him. His interest is simple, anything that attracts readers about the fashion industry.