Everything in Detailed About What Is Cut and Sew

What Is Cut and Sew Manufacturing & How It Works

When you are opening your own brand, there are tons of terms that you might be hearing for the first time. Cut and sew is one of them. We understand it might be difficult for you to grab technical terms and understand them at once. If you are starting your own brand, then the first thing you need to make sure is connecting with the right manufacturer. Based on an excellent response to our previous articles and so many requests, we are writing this detailed guide about what is cut and sew and what it means by cut and sew manufacturing.

Manufacturers have different methods and ways of the garment manufacturing process. The array includes embroidered clothing, blank clothing lines, cut and sew clothing, screen printing, and much more.

There is a huge number of services that clothing manufacturer offer. Cut and sew is one of them, and it's popular because of the level of customization it allows to make your clothes look more unique.

To simplify things, we are writing a detailed article about cut and sew manufacturing and everything you need to know about it. So let's get into details and have a deeper look at the cut and sew manufacturing.

What Does Cut & Sew Mean?

Cut and sew is a method in which a fabric having full length and width is cut into different patterns through a cutting machine. After cutting, these pieces are sent to the assembly department and sewn with other parts.

In the cut and sew process, the garment is cut into several patterns or sizes, then the designs are printed over the clothes, for example, on the front of the T-shirt, on sleeves, and more. Once the design is printed over the cut parts, they are sewn with the reaming part of the garments, making them a complete finished clothing product.

The History Of Cut and Sew

It's an old process that the clothing industry has used for years. Cut and sew also means to provide an augmented look to the existing garment by dividing them into several parts and then joining them all together.

The term cut and sew widely used in the fashion industry, and this process allows fashion designers to screen print their designs over the garment, like sweatshirts, T-shirts, jackets, shirts, or more. Through this process, you can create the whole garment from scratch with one's own choice of sizing and customization.

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The Process Of Cut and Sew Manufacturing

Cut and Sew Manufacturing Process

The cut and sew process might look accessible to you, but when it comes to practice, it takes much hard work and careful consideration. The whole cut and sew manufacturing process is divided into several steps that lead to the making of the final clothing product.

The pre-production involves a strict production process which leads to the manufacturing of the clothing line that is right according to the designer's requirements. Let's look at the press for manufacturing clothes through the cut and sew method.

Remember: Cut and sewing is a pure process, so there are no shortcuts you can take in manufacturing.

  1. Creating a Specification Sheet

    The process starts with creating the specification sheet that tells everything about the sizing and features of the clothes to be made. A designer creates a spec sheet that includes information about measurements, sizing, and sketches of the clothes that will be manufactured. A specification sheet is an essential tool that acts as a primary tool for the pattern maker to provide an idea of the design to the cloth maker.

  2. Pattern Making

    Pattern making is an essential step that requires keen attention. Only experts with adequate knowledge and experience are needed to make patterns for the clothing line. As it's one of the essential steps in the pre-production process, the pattern maker must have deep knowledge and understanding of the sizing and measurements. At the same time, the measures that are taken in the process must be accurate and correct.

  3. Garment Sampling

    After the pattern is developed, the pattern has undergone the process of sample creation, which means the pattern is sewn with the other components of the garment product and then tested over a model to see its sizing and fitting.

    Testing the garment over a model tells a lot about the sizing and measurement of the manufactured product. If you find any error, you can trim and make changes, fix the flaws, and make it right. You should make all the changes before the final approved garment product goes to final production in bulk quantities. Also, We have covered a detailed guide about clothing sample makers.

  4. Finalizing the Design

    If you are lucky, your sample will fit over the design the first time, while it takes a couple of tries to get the final and approved design ready for bulk production. You will also need to adjust the pattern size and sample product by editing the fitting.

    It might be time talking, and you might need to repeat this process several times until you get the final product. Suppose you have an order of 1000 pcs T-shirts, so it's far better to have a couple of tries than to find your absolute bulk quantity having an error.

    When dealing in bulk quantities, you can expect 2 -4 revisions to meet the client's requirements exactly.

    So this was all about the cut and sew manufacturing process. The clothing manufacturers strictly follow these steps and sew clothes manufacturing approach.

The Benefits Of Cut and Sew Manufacturing

Cut and Sew Manufacturing Benefits

Let's talk about the benefit of cut and sew manufacturing. Here are a few benefits of the cut and sew process.

  • Control Over The Quality

    With cut and sew manufacturing, you get complete control over the quality of garments. In clothing, there are some parts where you get a limited option in terms of editing and customization, but with a cut and sew manufacturer, you get complete control over the quality of the product.

    You can free to make changes in hems, buttons, designs, collars, labels, and more. There are minor detail points that you can customize according to your needs, and this might be a good option for you if you want a sense of personalized clothing.

    You can create cut and sew clothing for wholesale brands with brand requirements like logos, labels, and flexibility of sizing.

  • No Limitation on Printing

    When the garments are cut into patterns, it becomes much easier to print custom designs over the clothing products you make. You work according to the brand's needs when printing clothes, including making custom designs. So you can create custom designs with no limitations on design and sizing.

    You can use any printing method such as screen printing, ink printing, BTG printing, indirect screen printing, Vinyl printing, heat press printing, dyeing sublimation, printing, heat transfer printing, Airbrushing, and more. Zega Apparel excel in manufacturing all type of clothing and screen printing methods.

  • More Durable

    The clothes manufactured by cut and sew manufacturing are more durable than other clothing types. With a finished amount and sew product, you can expect to use them for a couple of years. In short, it's worth having an investment.


    • You can get flawless finished products with the cut and sew method.

    • You have unlimited design options and can work on any customization you want on your clothing line.

    • Cut and sew clothing are comparatively easier and more comfortable to wear.

    • They are durable for longer times.

    • It's one of the best options to start your private label brand.

Wrapping Up

So this was all about cut and sew manufacturing. As we mentioned, cut and sew clothing lines have a lot to offer. They are durable, comfortable, easy to set, and flexible with any custom design. Moreover, all manufacturers are skilled in cutting and sew manufacturing.

So, you have a pretty good option in the cut market and sew manufacturing. You can opt for overseas clothing manufacturers, as they offer lower prices, and their in-house production capabilities can help you with anything you need.