Zega Apparel International Guide for Customized Apparel Manufacturing For Brands (9)

Zega Apparel International Guide for Customized Apparel Manufacturing For Brands

The Modern Era has been called the Era of Inventions with a record of more the 10 million patents being registered all across globe but most of these inventions are occurring in strong economies where governments funds assist people to avoid jobs and get creative.

Well if you are living in a developing economy you do not have that luxury. In developing economies the first priority of any able bodied individual is to get financial stability, thus creativity and ingenuity of individuals in suppressed by the social and psychological stressors. Thus starts the story of Zegatron and similar Start-ups.

Guide to Apparel Customization (1)

Guide to Apparel Customization

Zega-Apparel being an Ethically Responsible Organization has decided to launch its Zega-Apparel guide for Businesses who want to learn the tips and techniques for Business Operations.

In this Particular guide we will discuss different Apparel Customization like Hoodie customization,SweatPant Customization,T-shirt Customization alongwith tips for Customized Apparel Brands and Private Labels.

History of Apparel Manufacturing (4)

These and other perspective are scattered in tons of books and fabrics across the Globe and for anyone who want to understand the real science of what makes a mere pieces of coarse fabric an Apparel worthy of adornment by a Human and what Signifies Bourgeoisie clothes and  undermines Bolshevik clothing ? And impact which clothing had on human Psyche and Culture. We have decided to answer such Research- related Frequently Asked Queries Because We believe in Showing the Real Experts and Dedicated Professionals from mere Apparel Manufacturers

Zega Apparel Smart Fabrics (1)

We have assisted our clients in manufacturing, learning and Understanding the Complex Offshore Apparel Manufacturing Industry in our blogs.

We decided to create a four article series on futuristic blogs and the Regions which will be the hot zones for such Firms, Which regions will constitute major Markets for Fabric Manufacturing

15 reasons why wholesale hoodies for screen printing are awesome
30 Jan / 2019

15 reasons why wholesale hoodies for screen printing are awesome

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You've certainly got a hoodie reserved some place in your closet. You might be wearing one at this point. They keep you super warm, they give layers, they shield you from the components, and however do you realize that the reason and advantages of a hoodie go well past the self-evident? Without a doubt, they're an important piece of your autumn time dress, yet did you additionally ever venture back to understand the societal advantages of putting a hoodie on? No? Then you have come to the right place.

3 Steps to Better Sales this Winter Season for your Apparel Production
05 Oct / 2015

3 Steps to Better Sales this Winter Season for your Apparel Production

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For an apparel producer, there’s no season as better as winter. Fluffy hats, gloves, socks, hoodies and the list goes on and on for the apparel production in the winter. According an independent survey, Apparel producers sell around 17% more products more they do in spring or any other season making it one for the producers to cash in. However, for cashing in at this season you need a complete layout on how to execute your strategies to make the most out of your sales. At Zega Apparel, we care about our fellow vendors and we make sure that their brand or production excels in this season. This is why today in this blog post we’ll be providing you the correct outline on how to make your winter sales a success in just 3 simple steps.

5 Things to Remember Before Getting Sports Apparel Made
07 Oct / 2015

5 Things to Remember Before Getting Sports Apparel Made

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What’s the one thing that you stick to while skipping channels on TV? That’s right, Sports! According to a survey by an American Research Website during February 2015, 63% of the American Residents love to watch sports. When jumping deeper into the survey, it was found out that almost 90% of people that watch sports have Football as their favorite sport. The fanatics for sports don’t limit to USA and the sports category doesn’t limit to football either. With sports catering such a large audience, sports apparel is one of the most sold types of apparel. When sold in the right way manner, apparel producers can make a huge profit out of just selling sports apparel. There are over 50,000 sports apparel producers worldwide and most of them don’t know the 5 most important things to focus on before getting sports apparel made. In this blog post we’re going to focus on those 5 important things.

90s Fashion For Men
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90s Fashion For Men

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If it is nostalgia, nothing like remembering the fashions we lived long ago. In some cases we miss them, in others, we let out the laugh of thinking that we dress like this. The 90s were great in pop culture and music, and these are some of the trends of the 90s. Did you use them?

A Beginner’s Guide: Few Essential Style Tips for Guys Who Want to Dress Better
20 Aug / 2019

A Beginner’s Guide: Few Essential Style Tips for Guys Who Want to Dress Better

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It wasn’t until after high school that I started paying much attention to my dressing and wardrobe. When I was a kid we never really cared about our style and how we look in our old rags. However, in this century, almost every high school kid is conscious about how they dress and what certain style suits them the most.

A Message to Private Label Clothing Manufacturers
26 May / 2018

A Message to Private Label Clothing Manufacturers

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For any business to stand firm on their moral grounds, the most valuable asset that offers them accomplishment, in the long run, is the human resource that should not only be experienced but also resourceful.

Be Trendy with Custom Sweatshirts and Hoodies
26 Jun / 2019

Be Trendy with Custom Sweatshirts and Hoodies

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Do you continue to see the similar or identical picturesque all over the internet? Or those simple plain text patterns imprinted on crewneck sweatshirts? Do you wish to cherish your own inner graphic ideas? How would you feel if you are allowed to situate the design of your likings on to the amazing comfortable sweatshirts or hoodie? 

Best Apparel T-shirts Designs by designers that were produced by Zega Apparel
05 May / 2016

Best Apparel T-shirts Designs by designers that were produced by Zega Apparel

Write By: Sahrish Published In: ROOT Hits: 1312

Today, Zega Apparel will share some best T-shirts designs that were designed by different apparel designers, brands and companies but manufactured by Zega Apparel with the best customization options for apparel designers all around the world.



Asanoha T-shirt

1. Asanoha T-shirt

The first on the list of Best T-shirts designs is the Asanoha T-shirt, posted for selling on This design is a perfect example of how art can be combined with apparel, and how people love to wear artistic garments. It is a sacred Geometry T-shirts made with 100% organic cotton. It is panels printed before stitching for complete quality print coverage.

Printed using ethical and water based inks finished with double needle stitching.


2.Signature "Grand Slam"

Signature Grand Slam

The second on the list is the Signature Grand Slam t-shirt of the clothing company Badnews, posted for sell on its official website This design is a perfect example of classic brand logo tees. The logo printed on the front of a premium quality cotton t-shirt says it all that an apparel brand wants to convey. 




The third on the list of Best Apparel T-shirts designs is the Tri-dye tall tee of the company Drop the anchor clothing. This tee is unique and one of a kind, as it is hand dyed. This design is simple yet different from the classic tees, the tri- dye tall T-shirt features DTAC woven patch on the front with the blend of different colors.


4. GWAP classic strips TEE

 GWAP classic strips TEE

This t-shirt design is posted on the site With the collection of many other different t-shirts designs this apparel brand is known for its quality and unique cuts. This design in particular has the brand GWAP logo in the middle front with the combination of red and green color lines on the front and on the sleeves of the t-shirts. This is the brand for the dream chasers waking up each and every day "Grinding With A Purpose", which is the message printed on the back of the t-shirt.





The fifth on the list is the Boshok T-shirt, posted for selling on This design is a combination of stylish logo design and colored tee, this loose tee is a new take on summer style. For extra comfort, the neck is lined with soft binding. It is a loose fit, ribbed neck and curved hem.

100% combed cotton regular fit short sleeve shirt with screen-print logo designs on the chest. 



Zega Apparel has also manufactured many t-shirts designs that were for different events and different causes designed by small apparel designers and companies. Zega Apparel provides 100% customization options and private labeling services. You can customize and control every inch of your Apparel order design, choice for fabrics, select among many available printing methods, Made to order manufacturing, labeling choices and packaging designs.


Zega Apparel provides lower than the industry standard turnaround time for customization of uniforms which is usually lesser than 20 business days.

Best Small Apparel Brand Entrepreneurs in the World that have worked with Zega Apparel
11 May / 2016

Best Small Apparel Brand Entrepreneurs in the World that have worked with Zega Apparel

Write By: Sahrish Published In: ROOT Hits: 1375

Today, we have listed some best small apparel brand entrepreneurs in the world with whom we have the privilege to work and manufacture their unique, creative and brilliant apparel designs.

The first on the list is the designer of the brand ‘Manufactured Products’ (MP) Damien Sheppard. He is the founder and owner of MP which is a ready to wear apparel for Men. His brand has been labeled as "Urban Sophistication" which representing good quality & rich detail. It is a perfect blend of classic casual sportswear, with an urban aesthetic feel to it. Damien’s brand appeals to the highly fashionable individual that praises his style on being fashion forward, and knows it comes down to the look, the appearance, the fit, and the feeling people get when they get dressed. 

The second on the list are the brand owner of ‘New Bay Apparel’ Eric Simon & Alec Douglas. They started their clothing brand with the vision to create a line of high quality men’s products that display the flag of Maryland. In their freshmen year at Maryland’s St. Mary’s College, they began producing the signature Maryland flag belts. The demand for other products rose and now they produce a full line including leather sandals, belts, key chains and dog products.

The third on the list is the one of the founders of the brand ‘Six dead Kings’ Mathieu Simard Roy. He launched his apparel brand in 2013 which is all about the rock and the roll designs. The designs of this brand are very unique with creative typography styles and picture patterns. Their products are not like any other typical clothing products.

The fourth on the list is the owner of the brand ‘Phoenom Genes™ Credo ‘ Kendall Pittman. His brand encompasses on things which means to be extraordinary, in regards to fashion and life in general. Whether the look is one of crisp subtly, or brazen extravagance the designs are effectively delivered for the purpose of a sending out positive, yet subliminal message through each and every design. It is left to the perception of the viewer to discover how that message relates to them. His designs bring timeless style, with a hint of intellect, reflected through the crafty wordplay of slogans, phrases, and inspirational quotes on T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweaters, and Hats.

The fifth on the list are the brand owner of ‘GWAP’ Clothing Andrew Patton and Antoine Patton. Their brand is a lifestyle clothing brand that symbolizes everyday hustle and strength. It is the brand for the dream chasers waking up each and every day ‘Grinding With A Purpose’. The twin founders of GWAP Clothing have launched variety of apparel products in a short period of time with quality and innovative ideas. And now is on the rise as one of the best lines out of Chicago.

ZegaApparel have worked with many apparel entrepreneurs and small apparel brands and also gives opportunity to new apparel entrepreneurs to ‪showcase their ‪‎designing‪ ‎talent. For all the ‪designers who dream of having their own private label clothing ‪brand but cannot ‎begin their own clothing brand due to low budget and higher minimum ordering quantities. Zega Apparel gives them a chance to start up minimums as low as 30-50 pieces for completely ‪Custom Made Products.

Zega Apparel offers Customized Manufacturing of T-shirts, Hoodies, Polo Shirts, Tank Tops, Jackets, Leather Jackets, Sweat Shirts, Headwear, Jumpers, Skirts, Pants, Leggings, Shorts, Socks, Aprons, Towels, and all Apparel for Brands and Private labels where designers can control and customize every inch of their Apparel order.

Brilliant Ideas of Making Perfectly Tailored Designs with T-Shirt Manufacturers
23 Oct / 2019

Brilliant Ideas of Making Perfectly Tailored Designs with T-Shirt Manufacturers

Write By: admin Published In: ROOT Hits: 811


We all love to wear T-shirts in different conditions, especially in the summer, they have become so popular among the people because of their high practicality. A t-shirt can be worn as an element of underwear or put it on top, such clothes will be appropriate in almost any situation. T-shirts lie perfectly on different figures, completely covering the body of a person, and their beautiful aesthetic appearance emphasizes the good features of an individual style. T-shirts are popular among adults and children, among men and women, regardless of gender or gender, anyone can wear a T-shirt and look beautiful and even elegant in it. A high-quality T-shirt will never restrain you in movement, and will not soar your body, it is convenient to endure the heat in it, play sports and physical labor at work.

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Zega Apparel is one of the leading high-quality Custom Apparel Manufacturing Company for USA, UK, Australia, and Canada providing low minimum ordering quantity of only 50 Pcs per design. In the last 7 years we have provided Cut and Sew Clothing Manufacturing, Private Labeling, Printing and Embroidery services to 8467 clothing brands worldwide including various T Shirt Manufacturers in USA as well. Most of them started their first order with us and have grown into becoming great clothing manufacturers brands within their country.

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Zega Apparel factory has the ability to provide ‘Avant Garde’ services for Custom Clothing Manufacturers, Clothing Brands and Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers USA using just sketches or organized Tec Packs. We also design and make Corporate Logo Apparel for companies all around the world. Quality is what defines us and our work. We work well with both recognized brands and start-up apparel designers.

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Zega Apparel’s factory unit proudly manufactures Custom Shirts, T-Shirts, Cut and Sew Jeans, Custom Embroidered Polos, Custom Zipper or Plain Hoodies, Cut and Sew Sweat Shirts, Special Tailored Skirts, Cut and Sew Special Leggings, Custom pants, Leather Jackets, Socks and much more. We offer you top of line services related to Cut and Sew Manufacturers. We can almost guarantee 100% customization of your apparel, our skilled and experienced production team makes custom patterns, perform grading and further make changes as per your garments manufacturing requirements.

Customizing Your Apparel

Being one of the largest Custom Clothing Manufacturers in the USA, Zega Apparel aims to become a one-stop solution for all businesses by not only providing Custom Apparel Manufacturing but also offering customers with various options of printing and embroidery. We offer as many as 12 color Screen Printing abilities at your disposal, furthermore, we can also provide you with 3D Embroidery for a low minimum of only 50 pcs.

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Custom Laser Etching, (Laser Cutting)

Zega Apparel recently announced the provision of Custom Laser Etching, (Laser Cutting) for the decoration of Custom Leggings, Hoodies, or any other Custom Manufactured Clothing design.

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Custom Casual Dyeing Option

We also provide Clothing Manufacturers with an option to avail Custom Tie Dye Clothing, Custom Dip Dye Apparel, and Custom Acid Wash Clothing as well.

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We Source and Knit Custom Fabrics

We also source fabrics from our customers, as per their requirements. Zega Apparel offers you the ability to have Custom Fabric Knitted for clothing brands with a low minimum order quantity of 200 Pcs.

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Custom Labelling and Hangtags

Zega Apparel gives Clothing Brands the option to choose from various custom labels for their apparel designs. We offer you a low MOQ Custom Heat Pasted Labels, Custom Steel Embossed Labels, Custom Woven labels, Tyvek Labels, Satin Labels, and Cotton Fabric Labels to our clothing brands and clientele worldwide.

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Custom Apparel Manufacturing along with the provision of top-notch quality is not an easy task. We here at Zega Apparel provide 100% guaranteed quality to customers, and our ordering process is the most sophisticated and custom designed to fit the requirements of small and medium clothing brands worldwide. As a custom clothing manufacturers in USA we take quality seriously.


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