Quality Assurance Guarantee from Zega Apparel

Quality Protocols on your order to deliver great products!

We don't advertise fake promises of 100% quality assurance, we just tell you our processes, The facts, the processes that we do, Now you can use your mind to decide how the quality outcome would be.

Our customized apparel production phases are determined and posted on the website for everyone to read. However we would like to tell you about the quality aspect in detail.

We have two dedicated quality protocols to ensure accurate shipment of your order to you.


Onsite Quality Assurance

Since the moment we begin with the process of producing your garments, from the very start of phase one, we assigned a quality team to monitor the overall production of order from the scratch, they are briefed in the start regarding your order, and they are paid bonus to take out mistakes that can avoid errors in the complete production.

Offsite Quality Assurance

In phase 7 of the production, our offsite quality team check each and every single piece for error, regardless of the quantity being 24 or 20,000 pieces they perform their quality check on each garment with a check list in hand. To make their interest in taking out mistakes more promising they are also paid bonus on taking out slightest mistakes.