3 Steps to Better Sales this Winter Season for your Apparel Production

3 Steps to Better Sales this Winter Season for your Apparel Production

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For an apparel producer, there’s no season as better as winter. Fluffy hats, gloves, socks, hoodies and the list goes on and on for the apparel production in the winter. According an independent survey, Apparel producers sell around 17% more products more they do in spring or any other season making it one for the producers to cash in. However, for cashing in at this season you need a complete layout on how to execute your strategies to make the most out of your sales. At Zega Apparel, we care about our fellow vendors and we make sure that their brand or production excels in this season. This is why today in this blog post we’ll be providing you the correct outline on how to make your winter sales a success in just 3 simple steps.


Analyze your targeted area

The first thing you need to do is analyze just where your customer is and what area you will be covering. For instance, if you start selling bikinis on the North Pole or if you start selling woolen hoodies in Hawaii, you’ll get no or very little sales. However, if you switch the places by reaching the right customer in the right place, you’ll be getting just the right amount of sales. Similarly, the profit percentage will also increase and with the potential sales ratio that you have in winter season, we can be sure that your winter clothing campaign will be a success.

Research on your customer

The next thing you need to know is what your customers like and what your customer’s interest are. For producers that are working on a large scale, it’s easier. However, for a new startup or a vendor that may be investing with risk there should always be proper research for targeted customers. Always figure out the targeted age for your customers and their interest in clothes. For instance, if you’re going to be targeting 16-21 year old girls, always make sure that you start producing whatever is in this winter amongst teenagers. Producing something else would be a stupid step.

Understand the quantity you need

Always keep in mind just the amount of people that you’re going to be targeting. Each apparel producer needs to know what amount of quantity they’re going to be producing. This is usually done the easy why by creating a pre-order page on your website where you can easily get the idea of just how much you’re going to be selling. However, make sure you get 20% more than the amount of orders that you’ve got and you’ll be selling in the right amount.

With these three points in mind, any new apparel producer can reach the best sales in the merry season. In addition, getting an e-commerce website made can work as the cherry on top for your brand. Hope this helps!

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